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Because sometimes success isn’t tangible — it is a mindset.

By Kevin O'Dowd

In episode one of this original video series Bronx Tales, OZY Editor-in-Chief Carlos Watson hits the streets of New York’s most maligned borough to talk about success and failure, race and gentrification and of course, love and hip-hop.

At a young age, Julio Gomez thought success was making the high school basketball team. But now, in his mid-20’s, Julio has learned the power of self-reflection and understands his definition of success may be different than others–and different from what society may dictate.

Dr. Diana Hernández, an Ivy League-educated PhD agrees. She knows the Bronx is most known for its problems such as high poverty rates, but she reminds us that there are treasures that have come from the Bronx too. Can you imagine a world without hip-hop and salsa? (Eds: Neither can we!) 

Hope underlines much of what drives Diana and Julio. They are convinced that their beloved borough can and will rise above its reputation.

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