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Because if Bill Gates says it’s a big, game-changing idea, it probably is.

By Carlos Watson

In this segment of our series with Bill Gates, OZY co-founder and CEO Carlos Watson asks Gates: What’s new and next for him? What is he most looking forward to in terms of major innovations, big ideas and new technology?

His answer: CRISPR technology, which is changing how we think about genetics and health. CRISPR technology basically allows for gene editing — it’s like a scapel that can cut out harmful mutations and turn genes on and off. The potential applications range from fighting hereditary disease in people to boosting crop yields to engineering cows without horns, so as to obviate a painful dehorning procedure. The ethical implications have barely been sussed out. 

To dig deeper on CRISPR, check out OZY science correspondent Melissa Pandika’s profile of Jennifer Doudna, the so-called “CRISPR Code Killer” — i.e., the brains behind the magic.

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