Bill Gates' 'Big Idea' on Ebola - OZY | A Modern Media Company


Because Gates has spent decades and billions trying to prevent just this — and maybe he can stop it the next time.

By Carlos Watson

OZY sat down with billionaire tech wizard and philanthropist Bill Gates this week for an exclusive interview. Co-founder and CEO Carlos Watson asked Gates to tell us about whether, after investing so much time and money in global health issues, there is still more that could or should be done to combat the crisis.

“We’ve spent less money on things like malaria than on things like baldness,” he points out.

In the end? Gates tells OZY that after seeing science at work and visiting many malaria wards, this is still the best thing he could be doing with his considerable resources. “Most people in Africa are born and die without ever meeting what we’d think of as a full-blown doctor,” he says. It might sound like a familiar tale now, but if it changes soon it’ll be because of people like Gates.

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