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Bibi in Need: Bibi, Indeed!

Bibi in Need: Bibi, Indeed!

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because the Middle East’s problems, despite what you may have heard, don’t have to be perpetual.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the first PM born in Israel after its creation, is a tough enemy to have and sometimes an even tougher friend. Evidenced most recently by his end run around the White House in his plans to address Congress on March 3rd — an address that excludes meetings with Democratic leaders, up to and including President Barack Obama.

Unconfirmed reports say Netanyahu may meet with top Dem Harry Reid after the address to Congress.

Bipartisanship, be damned.

The drive in Bibi’s case is, among other things, his sense that the U.S. and the world are adrift on negotiating with Iran about uranium enrichment, as well as its nuclear plans. And as he suggested before, given the history of his people on this planet he’d rather overreact than underreact. It’s a sentiment that puts him at odds with some of the bigger political players who, weary of chaos, confusion and conflict, are hoping for a solution a little more savvy than a possibly ill-timed bombing campaign.

Doesn’t change the fact that, walking anything but softly, Bibi’s going to address the right wing of the U.S. Congress over wishes — both inside Israel and out — that he be a little more … politic. And political. For good or ill, his move is one of absolutely ballsy proportions.

Will it work? Does it matter? Probably never more so than now.

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