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At Last, Something Republicans and Democrats Can Agree On —  at OZY Fest

At Last, Something Republicans and Democrats Can Agree On —  at OZY Fest

By Nick Fouriezos


Because some conversations shouldn’t be avoided.

By Nick Fouriezos

Here at OZY, we never shy away from digging into problems — or exploring solutions — that could define our world tomorrow. Which is why, smack-dab between the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, we’re bringing together political heavyweights at OZY Fusion Fest in Central Park.

On Sunday, Karl Rove told us about the most important and intriguing stories on his mind. And today, the GOP kingmaker will bring to the stage his insight and shrewd tactics that helped George W. Bush win the presidency — twice — as he tackles issues being raised during the current presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Also onstage will be New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, the former “super mayor” of Newark, whose particular brand of social media skills and policy smarts helped the Democrat transform a city and, perhaps, could do the same for this nation next.

Meanwhile, Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, will be raising awareness and developing solutions to quantifiably reduce the impact of inequality for the billions who deserve true freedom. But that’s not all that’s on the docket. Imagine a world of debaters and thought leaders, who, in some long forsaken day, may have plopped down their soapbox in New York City and delivered their impassioned insights. In that vein, we bring Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke to the mic to discuss making our cities truly digital, and how he’s been transforming his Tennessee city into a wired mecca for startups and city builders. 

Of course, if we’re going to play politics, we might as well have some fun doing it. This election has been rife with opportunities for ridicule, more so than any election in recent memory. So we invited the masters of satire themselves — the makers behind farcical news site the Onion — to take you into their writers room and explain how stories get chosen.

Fact or fiction, when it comes to today’s political discourse and the looming election, we’ll be giving you plenty to think about, in order to help you navigate the issues that most matter to you.

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