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An Emmy for Everyone for Everything!

An Emmy for Everyone for Everything!

By Eugene S. Robinson


Do you even watch TV anymore, bro?

By Eugene S. Robinson

The Emmy Awards, 68 years old this year, were designed as an image-building thing — important when you realize that in 1949, television was no sure thing. The Emmys are a mark of distinction for those who ply their trade on TV even if, and this is important, TV is not really TV anymore.

With the recent CannesNetflix kerfuffle about whether what they televised was TV or film, it’s clear that there are discussions aplenty regarding what exactly TV is. Especially in light of cord cutters (those who don’t get cable), satellite and those watching on phones or other mobile devices. 

And that’s before we even get to WHAT they’re calling TV these days. Translation: content.


With endless cable channels and Warhol’s maxim of everyone in the future being famous for 15 minutes, we can see it’s more true than not. And the Emmys reflect that. There are daytime Emmys. Prime-time Emmys. Emmys for sports programming, regional Emmys, engineering Emmys, international Emmys, Emmys for public service announcements, for Chrissake.

So here’s our chance: you, me (a contender for the coveted Complaining Guy Emmy) and everyone in the future being eligible for an Emmy every 15 minutes? Just about.

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