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Good advice can come from anyone — even someone who’s been bad.

Like the Terminator, the baddest cyborg movie assassin ever, Arnold Schwarzenegger just doesn’t quit. He’s taken some knocks in recent years, many of them self-inflicted. But there’s no denying his accomplishments. From winning the Mr. Olympia body-building contest at age 23 — the youngest person ever, a record that still stands — to marrying a Kennedy and serving an improbable two terms as governor of California, the Austrian-born Schwarzenegger has defied expectations for decades. For instance, he didn’t just do the normal stuff to promote his latest film, Escape Plan, last week. Instead, he took to Reddit and offered to yell out favorite movie lines, uploading videos throughout the day and then offering to come back for more the following week. Say what you will, you have to admire his drive.

It turns out that Schwarzenegger is also not bad when it comes to offering good advice. I once asked him the secret to his success, and his surprising answer made a big impression on me. I bet it will on you, too.  

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