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A Home in the West Bank

By OZY Editors


Long-running conflicts hurt all around.

“Aida” is a fitting name for a refugee camp: In Arabic, it means “back home.” Founded by refugees from Jerusalem and Hebron, Aida sits in the West Bank, one of a few camps near the wall that separates Israel and Palestine. But is it a camp? Born in 1950, Aida was meant to be a temporary affair, with people in tents and a hope that resolution would soon come. Sixty-five years later, Aida has become a complex of buildings, many dilapidated. It covers an area of less than a square kilometer and has a population of about 5,000 refugees.

The West Bank barrier, built in 2004, made it difficult for Aida’s residents to work in Israel. Living conditions have declined. Although residents of Aida say they practice nonviolent opposition, there have been numerous clashes with Israeli forces.

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