A Different Kind of Lap Dance

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Why you should care

Because if Public Enemy is to be believed, believing the hype is the very last thing you should do.

While the spaces between us and the rest of the world get narrower and narrower — five minutes on Facebook tells you more about just about anyone than you might have figured out in five weeks of PIT (Pre-Internet Time) — those spaces are getting stranger and stranger. From lap bars to lap pillows, from cuddle cafes to the newest trends in sexless sex, our response to the overamped and endless hothouse of commercial sex-selling seems to underscore a curious conundrum: Intimacy is not always intimate. 

And the overarching reality remains: The perpetuation of the species depends on us, to a certain degree, still thinking that true intimacy is desirable. So what’s a modern person to do? Enquiring minds will reveal all.


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