Spot the Difference September 2, 2021

Answers: The pizza slice, the letter E on the table becomes F, missing right ear and the different color of the thing in the panda’s right hand.

Winners: Barbara P., Tomas F., Norris G., Mary D., John D., J. Dale S., Lori J., Sharon G., Azim V., Robin M., Charles N., Loretta S., Michael R., Debbie L., Carol D., Janet, Jacqueline T., Linda A., Karen B., Esther D., Ngoc Nu D., Donnamarie M., Terry L., Barbara M., Catherine L., William P., Jean M., Margaret Z., Jean-Guy M., Shari O., James W., William L., Kathleen D., DS (from Cape Cod), Kimo, Ernest H., Steve B., Gary G., George H., Joanna L., Joel J., John P., Nancy C., Ana L., Phil F. and Dottie R. — congratulations!

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