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Your Kitchen Is Missing Its $39K Knife

Your Kitchen Is Missing Its $39K Knife

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because cutlery this expensive, sharp and stylish might just change not only what you eat, but also how you prepare it.

By Eugene S. Robinson

You ever been to a cutlery show? Or even more broadly: Have you ever given any thought to your knives, forks and spoons beyond “Where’s mine?”

Well, try it some time. Wandering through aisles of tables with butterfly knives, combat knives and culinary knives, you’ll learn that life is not like what you once thought it was. When you see stuff like a stone knife for $6,000, well, “crazy” is not the only word that comes to mind. But when people are taking something this seriously, we imagine there’s got to be a reason for it. So our interest is piqued when we stumble across the Nesmuk (too refined to be laid upon the table itself, apparently — we spotted it in a catalog on the table), a nice stocky piece of work with a kind of paisley filagree running up the body of the blade.

Anything that affects how you hold a knife affects how the knife cuts, and how it cuts affects what you end up serving.

An interest which quickly turns to shock as we get a gander at the price tag: $39,600. For? Apparently, the sharpest knife in the world.

Not just by virtue of the carbon steel blade, but because it’s festooned with eight diamonds and sports a sterling silver handle. Given that we’re used to applying Occam’s razor to design, believing that the simplest way is the best, a sterling silver handle and diamonds seems … excessive. “Not really,” says former Greek restaurateur Pericles Mosdromos. “Anything that affects how you hold a knife affects how the knife cuts, and how it cuts affects what you end up serving.” 

So, Pericles: Have you ever used one of these in any of your kitchens?

”Are you out of your mind?”

Then the irrational lust that tends to overcome a person in the face of something this splendiferous starts to kick in, and we find ourselves sneaking covetous glances at the Nesmuk knife. And imagining the kitchen you’d find it in. As well as the meal that it would prepare. Until the cold, stark reality of the moment returns, and we realize we’re having a Gift of the Magi moment: Owning this knife would leave us with no money left to buy anything to cook.

Which is, in a way, perfect.

Made in Germany from a design that the Nesmuk folks figure is about 3,500 years old and ultimately brought to life by jewelry designers Quintin Nel and Hoffman/Pieper, Nesmuk knives not only have pulled in International Knife Awards (yes, they exist) for best design, but are also crazily sharp. Not just the hand-forged ones, which are known for keeping better edges, but even the stainless steel ones. 

And they come with a diamond ring as well. Yeah, doesn’t make much sense to us either, but the knife itself? Oh, she is a beaut.

See for yourself.

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