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From a Cambodian punk rock star to exclusive NFL boycott findings, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

In a week of news dominated by a certain bombshell book about a certain stable genius, we also welcomed news of a Korean compromise and speculated about the possibility of another celebrity president. Amid all the craziness, you might have missed some of the juiciest OZY treats. So here is the cream of the crop — this weekend, sit back and read, watch and listen to the week’s highlights.

#1 Watch: Cambodia’s Queen of Punk Wants to Kill the Love Song


Vartey Ganiva is Cambodia’s only female punk singer, and she’s taking her message mainstream.


#2 OZY Poll: The NFL Boycott Is Real — and Big


Our exclusive survey shows that 33 percent of fans stopped watching or attending NFL games this season.

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#3 It’s true: The Next Big Celebrities Are Cyborgs


These digital Instagram stars and pop artists are ageless and artificial — and may soon be intelligent.

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#4 Go there: Visiting the Napa Valley of Myanmar


Two “new latitude” wineries are putting the tropical nation on the map for vino.

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#5 Meet: Portugal’s Answer to Banksy


Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, is known for unleashing graffiti art and works of creative destruction on the streets of Lisbon.

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#6 Tell us: Should We Make Prisoners Work for Free?


The world’s largest prison population gets paid next to nothing for its labor. Should that change? OZY dissects the arguments.

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#7 Swipe Right on This: Why Your Tinder Profile Should Feature Your Favorite Brands


Brand preferences can affect our happiness in a relationship more than personality or religious beliefs.

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#8 Debate: How to Get Sexual Harassers Out of the Workplace


For one day, and one day only, let’s give them a get-out-of-jail-free card.

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#9 See: Why This Haunted Taiwanese Village Is Full of Deserted UFOs 

It was supposed to be a fancy resort. So why does it look like a fleet of abandoned spacecraft?

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