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From Mongolian hip-hop to New York’s tattoo museum, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a pretty chilled-out news week, all things considered. JUST KIDDING! With Russian diplomat expulsions, Kim Jong Un’s surprise visit to China and tech stock turmoil in the markets, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of the now. To help you get a better grip on the world and where it’s headed, OZY helps you see beyond the news cycle — and beyond your bubble. So sit back this weekend and enjoy the best of the past seven days on OZY.

No. 1: Need to know: Can Modi’s New Nemesis Take Down the Prime Minister?


Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani is a newly elected legislator taking on Indian PM Narendra Modi and his ruling party.
Why You Should Care: Because he’s rising up for the lowest caste.

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No. 2: See beyond: Brazil’s Music Scene Goes Gender Fluid


A growing number of LGBTQ musicians are thriving in Brazil, challenging taboos at a time when it is increasingly dangerous to do so. 
Why You Should Care: Music has long broken barriers. Now it’s breaking stereotypes. 

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No. 3: Watch: Sweet, Hydroponic Basil — the Secret to the Best Vegan Pizza


The freshest basil in New York City comes from a surprising place — and it looks like a spaceship.
Why You Should Care: The secret to the sweetness lies in the leaf size.

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No. 4: Explore: This Museum Gives You the Long, Curious History of Tattoos


This NYC shrine to the art of inking draws fervent, inquiring minds from around the world.
Why You Should Care: Because you should see what the first electric pen looks like.

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No. 5: Did you know: The Surprisingly Inclusive Economy of America’s Opioid Capital


Dayton, Ohio, lags in many ways, but it ranks high in building inclusive growth from the bottom up. 
Why You Should Care: Because immigrants are reversing decades of population decline in the Rust Belt.

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No. 6: Listen: There’s Nothing Quite Like Mongolian Hip-Hop


It’s Def Jam beats meets throat singing, folk music and horsehead fiddles.
Why You Should Care: It’s a rap scene no one knows about.

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No. 7: Flashback: Hollywood’s First Big Silence Breaker — Marilyn Monroe


One of Hollywood’s biggest legends was also one of the first to call out the industry’s culture of sexual harassment. 
Why You Should Care: Marilyn Monroe was an early silence breaker in Hollywood — and she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

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No. 8: Meet: The Syrian Filmmaker Documenting Jihadi Family Values


Talal Derki is part of a new wave of Syrian artists proving themselves on a global stage.
Why You Should Care: Because his home looks like something out of Mad Max.

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No. 9: Life inside: So, You’re Going to Prison


Derek Meyer Galanis, from the so-called Galanis crime family, never had a real job until prison. Now: a memoir on his time inside.
Why You Should Care: Prison truth is stranger than prison fiction.

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No. 10: Go deep: Can Social Rank Impact Human Health? She Says Yes


Evolutionary anthropologist Jenny Tung is studying the biological impact of social relationships on health and longevity.
Why You Should Care: Because social relationships might literally be our lifelines.

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No. 11: Believe it or not: Burkina Faso — the World Leader in Combating HIV


The poor, landlocked West African nation has cut its HIV prevalence rate by almost 90 percent since 2001.
Why You Should Care: This model of success holds lessons for other, richer nations. 

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