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From Africa’s next big oil boom to the future for legalized gambling, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

The past seven days have been full of reversions and flip-flops that have some of us rubbing our eyes with déjà vu. It turns out that North Korea may not come to the table after all; that President Trump did repay Michael Cohen for the Stormy Daniels payoff after all; a Senate vote means net neutrality will not end after all; and the U.S. and China are cooperating on trade after all. Whew! In more disheartening reversions, violence has returned to Gaza, and Ebola has returned to the Congo.

This weekend, you may well need a break from it all, to start looking forward instead of back. While hoping that the week’s flip-flopping trend won’t stretch to the vows of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, indulge your post-wedding blues with these 11 hand-picked treats from OZY. Enjoy!

No. 1: Across the pond: The Women Who Were Almost Royals


These women captured the heart of England’s future king years ago, but quickly learned that royal romance is a tricky business. 
Why You Should Care: Because there’s a lot more to know about Charles’ past than Diana and Camilla.

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No. 2: Go deep: This Ungoverned Haitian City Is Fighting to Stay Alive


A potential model for how to build cities in poorly governed states, Canaan’s future remains uncertain.
Why You Should Care: Canaan is the story of what a shattered people can build with their own hands. 

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No. 3: Test your acumen: It’s Harder to Become a Hair-Braider Than an EMT. Who’s to Blame?


This roadblock for small businesses is motivating the left and right to act.
Why You Should Care: Because unnecessary licensing hurts the middle class most.

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No. 4: See beyond: Could Gabon Be on the Forefront of Africa’s Next Big Oil Boom?


This Western African nation aims to be the first world-class example of sustainable palm oil production. But the experiment is controversial.
Why You Should Care: Because Gabon’s success or failure could dictate Africa’s palm oil plans. 

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No. 5: The future’s bright: He Built a $150 Million Village … for Schoolteachers


Newark real estate mogul Ron Beit believes teachers — not Fortune 500 companies — can put U.S. cities on the path to prosperity.
Why You Should Care: Because this Newark real estate developer could have found the economic game-changer for U.S. cities.

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No. 6: Little-known ’hoods: The Beautiful Quiet of Mumbai’s Magical Forgotten Gaothans


Steeped in history, the century-old hamlets of Khotachiwadi and Matharpacady are a living museum of early city life.
Why You Should Care: Because the silence here is magical. 

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No. 7: Need to know: The Complicated Case of/for Muqtada al-Sadr


Iraqi elections show this Shiite cleric’s alliance cruising to a win and setting an independent course in a world of dependencies.
Why You Should Care: Because this former U.S. battlefield foe has channeled the people’s voice.

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No. 8: Vault ahead: Odds Are, Legalized Sports Betting Will Bring a New Media Monster


As legalized sports gambling fast approaches, media houses and broadcasters are preparing to serve speculators data and insights. 
Why You Should Care: Because legalized gambling could be the sports world’s fountain of youth.

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No. 9: Around the world: She Started a Boot Camp for Kenya’s Future Coders


Young journalist-turned-entrepreneur Audrey Cheng is coaching the next generation of Kenyan coding wizards.
Why You Should Care: Because who doesn’t need a developer?

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No. 10: Flashback: Meet the Lousy Kansas Hangman Who Executed Nazis


John C. Woods was an inept hangman, but he got to practice on Nazis convicted at Nuremberg.
Why You Should Care: Because a mediocre American hangman executing the worst Nazi war criminals meant rough justice was served.

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No. 11: Get smart: The Bearded Leader Daring to Push Alternative Socialism


Miguel Pizarro is a quasi-socialist, but still strongly anti-Maduro. Is he heading for “a doomsday confrontation”?
Why You Should Care: Because Venezuela’s experiment with socialism is failing — and this lawmaker could save it.

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