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Your 11 New Year Treats: The OZY Highlights Reel

Your 11 New Year Treats: The OZY Highlights Reel

By OZY Editors


From a daredevil photographer to a literary preview of the year, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

In a whirlwind week of unrest in Iran, boasts about button sizes and tip-offs of treasonous talks, you may have missed some delicious OZY treats. So we’ve gathered them up for you in one place. This weekend, sit back and read, watch and listen to this week’s highlights.

#1 Hold on Tight: Meet the Woman Risking It All for the Perfect Shot


Lucinda Grange has been climbing since she was a little girl — now she’s scaling skyscrapers in the name of art.

Check it out >>

#2 Marvel: Ndebele Wall Painting — Much More Than Meets the Eye


How do you keep your traditions alive when you’ve been plucked from your ancestral land?

See it >>

#3 Believe It or Not: The Rice Capital of the Nation


Arkansas holds the title for a staple grain that may be the world’s most political crop. 


#4 Meet: The Feisty Face of Russia’s Foreign Ministry


Maria Zakharova is the perfect candidate to convey the Kremlin’s brazen defiance.

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#5 Get Ready: Move Over, Matcha — These Superlattes Are the Next Big Thing


Born on the U.S. West Coast and raised in Australia, these über-healthy drinks are making a splash.

Whet your appetite >>


#6 Debate This: Could Tax Transparency Lead to Greater Equality?


While America’s rich keep getting richer and its poor poorer, it’s high time we divulge everyone’s numbers.



#7 Need to Know: Can This Biochemist Bypass Organ Donors?


Zimbabwean Kevin Dzobo is leading research to develop a stem cell patch that could heal injured tissue.

Check it out >> 


#8 Know This: Could a DIY Gizmo Light Up Puerto Rico?


Tens of thousands on the hurricane-struck island still have no electricity. A little hands-on help could change that.

Find out more >>


#9 Remember This: The American Who Made Lithuania a Basketball Powerhouse


Thanks to Frank Lubin — otherwise known as Pranas Lubinas — basketball is Lithuania’s national sport.



#10 Start Planning: 13 Books to Watch For in the First Half of 2018


Here is a baker’s dozen of great books that speak to our times.

Get the list >>


#11 Meet: I’m a Jewish Grandmother. And a Mob Biographer


Breaking bread with bona fide leg breakers would trip up even the most steady-tempered of us. Which is how Phyllis Karas got the gig.

Check it out >>


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