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From Iran’s Plan B to the #FirstWorldProblems of Instagram, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a week of turbulent change across the world — from America’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, to the world’s oldest elected head of state triumphing in Malaysia, to shelling between Iran and Israel in Syria. Amid the craziness, it can be difficult to make sense of all the big headlines. That’s where OZY comes in. Settle in this weekend with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the best of the past seven days of stories.

#1: Meet: Freetown’s New Mayor Brings New Vision to Sierra Leone

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr was elected mayor by a huge margin — but can she deliver on her ambitious plans?
Why You Should Care: Because she’s charting a plan for governments across the developing world.

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#2: Long Read: India’s National ID Project Brings Pain to Those It Aims to Help

Urban poor, farmers, youth, pensioners and women were its intended beneficiaries. Instead, they’re suffering.
Why You Should Care: Poor management, corruption and fraud are threatening to derail the world’s largest national identity project. 

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#3: Behind the Headlines: Iran Woos America’s Friends and Foes With Connectivity

With the U.S. withdrawing from the nuclear deal, Tehran is gearing up a defense by offering regional transit solutions.
Why You Should Care: Because Iran has a plan in place to blunt President Trump’s sanctions. 

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#4: Watch: The Cleric-Challenging, Solar-Energy-Loving Mosque Mistress of Lucknow

Shaista Amber is a social activist fighting for women’s rights and environmental justice with her inclusive mosque.
Why You Should Care: Because she’s helping women gain equality, and a city to breathe easier. 

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#5: Think Differently: He’s Giving Displaced Rohingya a Voice — and a Wallet

Muhammad Noor is using blockchain to serve the needs of a stateless people.
Why You Should Care: Because Muhammad Noor is binding together an endangered people.

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#6: Check This Out: This Artist Instagrams Illustrations of #FirstWorldProblems … and They’re Hilarious

A Los Angeles illustrator sketches out the not-very-big problems he overhears in daily conversations.
Why You Should Care: Sometimes we need someone’s help to laugh at ourselves.

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#7: Did You Know: Meet America’s ‘Sleeping Prophet’

Edgar Cayce was the most famous psychic healer and soothsayer in early-20th-century America, dispensing predictions and cures from his signature trance.
Why You Should Care: Because everyone wants to know what the future holds.

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#8: Be Inspired: Brazil’s Women Cycle to Battle Street Sexism

Brazil’s women are discovering a new way to battle catcalls and street-harassment discrimination: feminist cycling groups.
Why You Should Care: Women should be able to cycle as freely as men.

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#9: Get Ready: Baltimore’s Do-It-All Star Is Set to Shake Up the AL East

Trey Mancini’s rise has been as swift and dominant as some of the game’s biggest stars — without the name recognition.
Why You Should Care: Because baseball’s blue bloods will be feeling the “Boom Boom.”

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#10: Believe It or Not: Why You Aren’t Getting Dates Now That You’re Vegan

In a nation so divided, how in the world can we bridge the dietary dating divide?
Why You Should Care: Because your soul mate is out there — and could be eating tofu and legumes.

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#11: True Story: Me + George Clooney’s Ass

Having friends in high places comes with a very distinct set of benefits. Specifically: celebrity rear ends. 
Why You Should Care: Because do you really think George Clooney doesn’t want people looking at his ass?

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