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From a surfing prodigy to Africa’s new political satirists, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a week of news dominated first by the historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, then by the kickoff of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. If you’re fed up seeing more photos of THAT handshake in your news feed, and you haven’t blocked off the next four weeks for dawn-till-dusk soccer viewing, we’ve got you covered. Take some time out this weekend to enjoy the best of the past seven days on OZY, hand-picked specially for you.

No. 1: Fast Forward: Danish Wine, Anyone? How Climate Change Is Helping Farmers


A new breed of Scandinavian crops — from maize to grapes — is thriving thanks to global warming.
Why You Should Care: Because climate change will create winners as well as losers.

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No. 2: Election Watch: This North Carolina Race Will Test the Size of the Democratic Wave


A Democrat who talks like a Republican faces a fire-and-brimstone conservative preacher in a right-leaning U.S. House district.
Why You Should Care: Because talking like a Republican could spell success for a Democrat former Marine.

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No. 3: Test Yourself: OZY’s Ultimate World Cup Quiz


Think you know soccer? And think you know the countries playing? Try our World Cup Quiz to see if you’re destined for greatness.
Why You Should Care: Because World Cup fever is building!

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No. 4: Did You Know: And the Most Caffeinated Nation Is …


Why do Finns drink so much coffee? Look, it’s really cold there.
Why You Should Care: Because if you thought America was coffee-obsessed, just wait till you get here.…

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No. 5: Surf’s Up: Is Canada’s Young Surfing Prodigy Heading for the Olympics?


Mathea Olin started surfing six years ago and is already a national champ. 
Why You Should Care: Because she wants to ride this wave all the way to the Olympics.

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No. 6: Page Turner: The Compelling New Female Face of California Noir


With gritty themes and tough female narrators, these novels breathe new life into noir. 
Why You Should Care: Because the new noir is about more than “femme fatales and fedoras.”

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No. 7: Check It Out: Capturing the Beauty of Motocross in Tehran


The 100-year-old sport is colorful and captivating. And women are doing it too.
Why You Should Care: Take one look at these photos and try to stop reading. We dare you.

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No. 8: Around the World: Africa’s New Satirists Draw Political Fire


A brave new set of artists dare to sketch a future free from Chinese influence, corruption and terror.
Why You Should Care: Because laughing at a dysfunctional system is the first step toward changing it peacefully. 

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No. 9: Get Smart: Why Nigerian-Americans Strive So Hard at School


Education is the bedrock of success for one of America’s most urbane communities — Nigerian-Americans.
Why You Should Care: Because no other U.S. immigrant community has soared so high in education.

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No. 10: Game On: This Unathletic Nation Dominates World Sports … as a Host


Qatar isn’t known for its deep sports talent pool, but it is known for being a great sports host.
Why You Should Care: Tiny Qatar is hardly a soccer hotbed, but that’s not stopping it from welcoming the World Cup in 2022.

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