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Your 10 Weekend Treats: the OZY Highlights Reel

Your 10 Weekend Treats: the OZY Highlights Reel

By OZY Editors


From a gay rights activist in Lebanon to Jedi training in VR, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

In a wild week of elections in Alabama, attempted attacks in New York and wildfires in California, you’d be forgiven for missing these delicious OZY treats. So kick back this weekend with your feet up and read, watch and listen to this week’s highlights.

Read: Is This 24-Year-Old the Next Big Thing in YA Literature?

Tomi Adeyemi just landed a seven-figure book-and-movie deal for a story featuring an all-Black cast of characters.

Watch: What Alabama Voters Really Think

We road-tripped from Birmingham to Mobile, asking questions that speak to the values of Alabama voters.

Listen: The Aviation Disaster Caused by William Shakespeare

The hottest new podcast of 2017 — The Thread With OZY — is back, with a special episode about the Bard’s curious link to a 1960 plane crash.

Learn: South America’s New Feminist Champions: Peruvian Women

In the face of horrific violence, female activists in Peru are taking the lead to deal with challenges across Latin America. 

Top tips: Picky Eating — Is It Nature or Nurture?

Turns out, parents might not be entirely to blame when their little ones refuse to eat their peas.

Try it out: The Closest Thing to Real-World Jedi Training

Yes, you can become Obi-Wan IRL … via a new VR game.


Meet: The Activist Leading Lebanon’s LGBT Rebellion

This gay lawyer turned activist says success in the Arab world rests on not following the West’s playbook.

Be intrigued: Migration in the Age of WhatsApp

Migrants are increasingly turning to social media for safer journeys to new lands — but traffickers are also getting tech savvy.

WTF: How to Make Europe Great Again — Drain the Mediterranean?!

In interwar Germany, architect Herman Sörgel’s idea to connect Africa and Europe was a bold, utopian — and colonialist — vision of the future.

Check it out: What Teenagers Are Reading Around the World

What books are currently in the hands of high schoolers? You might be surprised. 


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