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From fashion in Vietnam to the Middle East’s next Marvel, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a trying week, marked by the aftermath of last week’s mass shooting in Florida, civilian slaughter in Syria and a devastating plane crash in Iran. OZY’s here to help you see beyond the daily news cycle, and we’ve gathered some of our best forward-looking features from the past seven days. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

No. 1: Be inspired: This Bayou-Bred Snowboarding Mama Is the Face of 2018’s Paralympic Games


Cancer robbed Brenna Huckaby of her gymnastics dreams; now she’s going for gold on para snowboarding’s biggest stage.
Why You Should Care: Because your light may be at the end of a very surprising tunnel. 

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No. 2: Understand: The Black Path to the Black Panther


Call it savvy business or a push that picked up steam when Hitler raged, but for Marvel, the Black Panther was a no-brainer. And for Black kids in ’70s Brooklyn? Glorious.
Why You Should Care: Because sometimes you should believe the hype.

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No. 3: Hit the runway: Your Next Hot Fashion Is Made in Vietnam


A new generation of designers is bringing international attention to Vietnam.
Why You Should Care: Because Vietnam is no more about making cheap clothes.

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No. 4: One to watch: The U.S. State With the Most Bipolar Politics


Why can’t Wisconsin make up its mind? The birthplace of progressivism and the Republican Party is a modern-day seesaw.
Why You Should Care: Because the Wisconsin way could predict how the rest of the nation goes.

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No. 5: Meet: The Teen Survivor Calling BS on the NRA


18-year-old Emma González from Parkland, Florida, is unafraid of challenging the biggest powers in American politics.
Why You Should Care: Because this time might be different.

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No. 6: Go green: Farms Take Root Among NYC’s Skyscrapers


Fueled by chefs and foodies who want fresher produce, agriculture is moving indoors in the Big Apple.
Why You Should Care: Because this could be the future of farming.

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No. 7: Believe it or not: It’s Harder to Become a Hair-Braider Than an EMT. Who’s to Blame?


This roadblock for small businesses is motivating the left and the right to act.
Why You Should Care: Because unnecessary licensing hurts the middle class most.

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No. 8: Check it out: This Feisty Egyptian Comic Wants to Be the Next Marvel


Six superheroes thwart fictional evils that bear resemblance to the country’s current ills. 
Why You Should Care: These stories are a rallying call for change. 

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No. 9: Did you know: How Four Undergrads Got the Scoop on the Unabomber


When the FBI arrested letter-bombing anarchist Ted Kaczynski, some Montana journalism students turned a hunch and a little luck into iconic images.   
Why You Should Care: Because you need to answer when opportunity knocks.

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No. 10: Go there: Honoring the Human History of Hurt — Museums That Celebrate Pain


These halls of horror pay homage to seriously twisted times in our past.
Why You Should Care: It’s all about the wince factor.

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