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From a man on a mission to save Bolivia’s street dogs to a comic actor’s subversive interviews with gullible American politicians, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

“Putin 1, Trump 0,” as one Finnish newspaper headline put it; “France 4, Croatia 2” appeared in a different kind of worldwide contest; and in economic competition, the EU body-slammed Google with a $5 billion fine for its Android operating system — all in all, another eventful week. Before heading off to Central Park for OZY Fest — in person or digitally — check out OZY’s very best from the past seven days.

#1: Transparency Test: The Entrepreneur Pulling Back the Curtain on College Costs 

Nick Ducoff’s digital platform delivers personalized college investment advice so families know exactly what it’ll cost — and what kind of return to expect.
Why You Should Care: When college costs as much as a house, shouldn’t you know the return on your investment?

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#2: Trash Treasure: Tomorrow’s Togo: A World Leader in E-Waste?


The tiny West African nation is emerging as an unlikely leader in turning e-waste into low-cost computers, printers and robots.
Why You Should Care: Togo is teaching the world how complex gadgets can be built from everyday waste.

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#3: Destiny Calling: Will the Next Nelson Mandela Please Stand Up?


Mandela, who would have turned 100 on Wednesday, was one of a kind. But are there other leaders out there who could follow in his footsteps?
Why You Should Care: Because one of these five leaders might someday be their nation’s Nelson Mandela.

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#4: Missing Accounts: One Out of Every 4 Americans Is ‘Underbanked’


Millions of U.S. households lack access to brick-and-mortar banks and pay a premium for the workaround.
Why You Should Care: Because more than a quarter of adult Americans pay a penalty for living outside the financial mainstream.

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#5: What the Fork?: Damascus Says Bon Appétit Amid Brutal War


A giant urban prison, Damascus is exploding with restaurants and cafes — the only recreation for the city’s war-weary residents.
Why You Should Care: Because Syria’s brutal civil war has cost more than half a million lives. Now restaurants in its capital are offering some balm to residents.

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#6: Canine Crusader: Has His Love of Bolivia’s Street Dogs Gone Too Far?


This former public relations and marketing pro has made it his mission in life to solve Bolivia’s rampant street dog problem.
Why You Should Care: Fernando Kushner gave up everything to tend to the strays of La Paz. But should he just let sleeping dogs lie?

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#7: Gilding the Hardflip: The Skateboarder Hoping Meditation Can Net X Games Gold


Mariah Duran, 21, has gone from working at a pizza shop to working the rails at the highest level of skateboarding.
Why You Should Care: Because she executes a trick that no other female skaters do.

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#8: Celluloid Disrupter: Meet the Black Actor Who Changed Hollywood


Pioneering actor Noble Johnson leveraged stereotypical roles to become Hollywood’s first Black mogul.
Why You Should Care: Because Johnson took what Hollywood offered and turned it into the first Black studio.

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#9: Hidden Art: Get Your Zen On in a Secret Manhattan Sculpture Haven


These white and gilt pieces resting in the heart of a New York City church are transformative tributes to everyday life.
Why You Should Care: This is what happens when a badass sculptor builds a chapel. And it gets revitalized.

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#10: Down the Rabbit Hole: Behold the Manipulative Genius of Sacha Baron Cohen


Hollywood’s king of immersive humiliation has returned to troll American politicians.
Why You Should Care: Because this disruptive comic has set off to discover Who Is America?

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