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From the next super fruit to the city leading America against the opioid crisis, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

As the world reeled from the repercussions of a Western strike on Syria, the past seven days also saw a new Cuban leader take up the mantle, a revelation that the soon-to-be secretary of state secretly met Kim Jong Un and a very wet Boston Marathon that featured some very surprising winners. Here’s the best of OZY that you might have missed this past week. So put your feet up, relax and enjoy …

#1: Get Excited: Move Over, Avocado — Meet the Next Super Fruit


Innovators across the world are growing new strains of dragon fruit that taste great and are profitable to grow. 
Why You Should Care: Because there’s nothing like healthy food that is also tasty. 

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#2: Around the World: These Wildlife Wonders Are Surviving in a War Zone


Despite decades of conflict, some of the rarest and most resilient creatures have appeared in South Sudan. 
Why You Should Care: Because life always finds a way.

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#3: Believe It or Not: The Biggest Health Risk After Fukushima: Diabetes


Studies show that lifestyle diseases have affected human health far more than radiation and cancer after the nuclear disaster. 
Why You Should Care: Because understanding this could help save lives after future disasters.

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#4: Meet: Raj Shah Delivers Trump’s Message to the Masses


The 33-year-old behind the president’s press podium is one of many Indian-Americans rising in the U.S. administration.
Why You Should Care: Because he is walking the tightrope between Trump and the American people.

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#5: Debate This: Is Male Circumcision Child Abuse?


Many medical and legal authorities in Europe consider circumcision a form of child abuse. It’s time America did the same.
Why You Should Care: One of the world’s most frequently performed surgeries is also one of its most controversial.

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#6: Get Ahead: Bosnia Races Against Its Growing Obesity Epidemic


More Bosnians are becoming runners as one of the world’s unhealthiest societies tries to get its act together.
Why You Should Care: Bosnians aren’t runners traditionally. But a health scare is making them race to fitness. 

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#7: OZY Exclusive: George W. Bush on Barbara Bush and the Need for Freedom


OZY Editor-in-Chief Carlos Watson interviewed the 43rd U.S. president on Monday.
Why You Should Care: We look back at life and leadership with America’s 43rd president. 

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#8: Watch: Senegal’s Death-Defying Albino Musician


Maah Keita, bass guitarist and champion for the rights of folks with albinism, plays for hearts and minds.
Why You Should Care: Because albinos across Africa still face discrimination and violence in the extreme.

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#9: Fast Forward: Can This Small Town Lead America in Fighting the Opioid Crisis?


Greenfield, Massachusetts, is waging a war on drugs that could emerge as a model for others. And it starts with jails — and food.
Why You Should Care: Because America needs a solution to the crisis, and Greenfield may have one.

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#10: Stay Smart: China’s Crime Crackdown Is Reshaping the Shadow Economy


Xi Jinping’s nationwide campaign against organized criminal groups is creating new markets and supply routes globally.
Why You Should Care: Because today, when China catches a cold, the world sneezes. 

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