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From the Afghan App Store to predicting the next recession, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

In a week of radical transformations, China’s President Xi became somewhat of an emperor; America’s President Trump became an anti-gun campaigner; and Russia’s President Putin gave a pre-election speech that was … actually pretty standard Putin. Above all the noise, OZY is here to help you see beyond the headlines. This Oscars weekend, cuddle up with this hand-picked selection of OZY highlights from the past seven days.

No. 1: Election watch: Can a Hillary-Voting Republican Thrive in Texas?


Jenifer Sarver worries the GOP is losing a generation, and is using her long-shot run for Congress to win them back.
Why You Should Care: Because there are plenty of political orphans these days.

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No. 2: Plug in: Afghanistan’s Great App Escape


Mobile phone use is rocketing in this war-torn nation — and apps are changing how people communicate, stay safe and fill governance voids.
Why You Should Care: Because this war-torn country is rebuilding itself, one app at a time. 

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No. 3: Get Streaming: The Perfect Follow-Up Flicks to This Year’s Oscar Nominees


Liked Lady Bird or Get Out? Try these genre-bending options to keep feeding your moviegoer appetite.
Why You Should Care: Because Lady Bird and Carrie are similar. Trust us.

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No. 4: Be smart: Can Emperor Yuan Dethrone King Dollar as the World’s Currency?


China is the world’s biggest buyer of most commodities — so what happens if it demands to pay its suppliers in yuan instead of dollars? 
Why You Should Care: Because dethroning the dollar means devaluing the entire U.S. economy.

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No. 5: Stick it to the man: Meet Moldova’s Rabble-Rousing Journalist


TV presenter Natalia Morari has an impressive track record and a passion for social activism.
Why You Should Care: Because change takes guts.

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No. 6: Third Rail: At What Age Should Trans Kids Be Allowed to Transition? We Asked, You Answered


We asked whether children should be allowed to select their own gender. Here’s what you had to say.
Why You Should Care: Because trans people are here to stay.

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No. 7: True Story: The Dead Kid Next Door


Bad stuff can be pretty remote if we’re lucky, but if we’re not so lucky? It’s anything but remote. 
Why You Should Care: Because bad things happen to good people with much greater frequency than we care to admit.

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No. 8: Lone Stars: LGBT Candidates Are Rising … Starting in Texas


The push for a “bathroom bill” — and Donald Trump — inspired a surge of LGBT candidates.
Why You Should Care: Because looming primaries are an early test for this movement.

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No. 9: Believe it or not: The New Age of Aerospace Is in Huntsville, Alabama


A key player in the original space race, this surprising city is reprising its crucial role as the private sector invests in the final frontier.
Why You Should Care: Because a lot of the people who will get us to Mars hang their hats in Huntsville.

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No. 10: Be inspired: How This (Female) Star Made Basketball History


When Ann Meyers Drysdale became the first woman invited to an NBA tryout, some called it a publicity stunt. Others called it historic.
Why You Should Care: Because Ann Meyers Drysdale didn’t back down from any challenge.

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