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From the rise of Nigerian-Americans to the lost foreskin of Jesus, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

In a week that’s brought the tragic volcano eruption in Guatemala that has affected thousands, as well as the sad deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, sometimes it’s important to look to the future for inspiration. So turn off the rolling news this weekend and enjoy these hand-picked favorites — the best of the best of the past seven days on OZY.

No. 1: Long read: The Most Successful Ethnic Group in the U.S. May Surprise You


Nigerian-Americans are on a path to becoming one of the most successful immigrant groups in American history.
Why You Should Care: Because you don’t know what it means to hustle … until you meet a Nigerian-American. 

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No. 2: Go deep: What the Foreskin of Jesus Can Teach Us All


The legendary sacred foreskin of Jesus of Nazareth has been the subject of marvel, ridicule, faith and scandal throughout its illustrious history.
Why You Should Care: Because sometimes the quest for a piece of the divine goes a bit too far.

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No. 3: Watch: Ecuadorian Midwives Move the World


Babies have been born in the Amazon for ages with the help of women presently leading the charge against modern difficulties.
Why You Should Care: Because there are more things in heaven and earth … than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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No. 4: Tip off: 3-on-3 Might Be the Future of Basketball


Defying skeptics, 3-on-3 basketball is scoring crowds, sponsors and sporting talent.
Why You Should Care: Because the NBA Finals might be one big sideshow.

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No. 5: Meet: The Man Behind Nepal’s PayPal


Biswas Dhakal, a lifelong tinkerer, founded his country’s e-payments leader — but he needs help to stay on top.
Why You Should Care: Because mobile payments are sweeping the globe’s remote areas.

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No 6: Did you know: Has Women’s Tennis Found Marketing’s Fountain of Youth?


Among sports viewers, only those of women’s tennis were getting younger over a 10-year period.
Why You Should Care: Because every other sport wants to replicate this success.

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No. 7: Apocalypse now: What Kind of Leader Would You Be at the End of the World? Hit Play


This survival game challenges you to rebuild not only a post-apocalyptic city but also its civilization.
Why You Should Care: Find out if you’d make a benevolent dictator or a brutal autocrat.

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No. 8: Around the world: Morocco Emerges as a Model for Protecting Women


This North African country is becoming a regional leader in battling crimes against women, thanks to a combination of laws, education and social initiatives.
Why You Should Care: Morocco may be showcasing a model for battling crimes against women.  

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No. 9: Believe it or not: The Surprising Rust-Belt Magnet for Educated Foreigners


Erie, Pennsylvania, has the nation’s highest percentage of H-1B visa holders with advanced degrees.
Why You Should Care: Because this city gets more than its fair share of foreign workers.

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No 10: Game on: Batter Up, Pitcher Down — Will MLB Soon Lower the Mound?


A pending study raises questions about whether it’s time to cut pitchers down to size.
Why You Should Care: Because a new era of offense could be dawning.

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