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From Florida’s newest voting bloc to a Dallas Buyers Club in Romania, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

The past seven days birthed two budding bromances between unlikely allies — the presidents of France and the United States on one side of the world and the leaders of North and South Korea on the other — and also (a little more literally) birthed a new ROYAL BABY! And if you’re looking for more need-to-know trends (and people) being born around the world, you’ve come to the right place. For your weekend reads, enjoy the best of OZY this week — stories that focus not just on where the world is but where it is going.

No. 1: Boldly go: We Can’t Reach the Final Frontier by Running in Circles


As space becomes more accessible, countries must strive to rise above earthly politics.
Why You Should Care: Because the future of warfare is not confined to this planet.

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No. 2: Wise up: Both Parties Are Missing the Boat on Florida’s Newest Voting Bloc


A hurricane pushed tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans to the Sunshine State. But one of the largest voter enfranchisements in history is being squandered.
Why You Should Care: Because these new voters could help decide control of the U.S. Congress.

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No. 3: Immodest proposal: What to Say to Your Kids About Killer Cops? Nothing


Cop killings of Black people continue apace, and parents of color increasingly feel they need to have “The Talk” with their kids. Here’s an idea: Don’t.
Why You Should Care: Because living on your feet is better than dying on them.

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No. 4: Try some: Sudan’s Mysterious, Almost-but-Not-Quite Liquor


This fizzy fermented date drink often shows up at parties. But it’s definitely not booze. Or is it?
Why You Should Care: Not knowing the origin of your brew could land you in jail. 

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No. 5: Meet: He Set Up a Dallas Buyers Club to Provide Cancer Drugs to Romania


Vlad Voiculescu formed a network to bring essential drugs from other markets into Romania, where medicines are in chronic short supply.
Why You Should Care: Because cancer drugs can’t help if patients can’t access them.

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No. 6: Opinion: What’s Really the Matter With Kansas?


Using the Sunflower State’s 2012 tax cuts as a cautionary tale is disingenuous. Success just depends on spending control.
Why You Should Care: Because Kansas had other problems, not just larger-than-intended tax cuts.

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No. 7: Believe it or not: This Latin American Melting Pot Will Surprise You


Outside of Asia, the third-biggest Chinese community is in the humble South American home of Machu Picchu.
Why You Should Care: Because there’s a reason this country’s cuisine is so different from the food in other Latin American nations.

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No. 8: Play along: Pen-and-Paper Games Will Make You Smarter Than Your Phone


Sure, you can play games on your mobile, but if you really want to test your brain? Go analog.
Why You Should Care: Because between the invention of paper and the mobile phone, people got pretty creative with their free time.

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No. 9: Be inspired: This Jiu Jitsu Champ Can’t Hear You. But She Still Kicks Ass


Sara Kovaliov was born deaf, but she’s not letting that stand in the way of her becoming a martial arts champion. 
Why You Should Care: Because she’s literally kicking ass.

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No. 10: Did you know: When Romania’s Ruler Went Medieval on the Ottomans


Bloodthirsty warlord, Romanian national hero or vampire, Vlad III cuts an enduring figure in legend and popular culture.  
Why You Should Care: Because without Vlad the Impaler, there might have been no Count Dracula.

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