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From the truth behind your tech addiction to the next Tomi Lahren, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week has seen bridges being burned over China-U.S. trade and bridges being built on the Korean peninsula over K-pop — while a trade war may be beginning, a threat of very real war may have abated. But while it’s easy to focus on these two flash points, a whole world’s worth of people have been doing interesting things. Here at OZY, we help you see beyond all the noise to better understand where the world is truly headed. This weekend, enjoy this special curated list of the best of the past seven days on OZY.

#1: See Beyond: The Dumpling Shop Owner at the Center of an Authoritarian Crackdown


This rising star in Cambodia’s opposition party was forced out of politics — and she’s still under the watchful eye of the ruling party.
Why You Should Care: Because food is fuel. 

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#2: Go Green: America Begins Capping Freeway Scars of the Past


A series of freeway lid caps are being proposed and built across American cities saddled with aging urban highways.
Why You Should Care: Communities divided by 20th century freeways may be reunited by a 21st century vision. 

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#3: Need to Know: Meet the Activist at the Heart of the U.S. Teacher Protests


Randi Weingarten is fighting alongside teachers across the country as they call for increased pay and resources. 
Why You Should Care: Because the teachers’ movement is on the rise.

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#4: Drink Dangerously: Drinking 1,049 Feet Underground in Mexico


What do you do with an old flooded silver mine? Build a thumping underground disco.
Why You Should Care: Deep house has a whole new meaning here.

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#5: Meet: Can This Pop Star Topple Uganda’s Strongman President?


Singer turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi is speaking up against one of Africa’s longest-sitting rulers.
Why You Should Care: Because music and revolution go well together.

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#6: Like, Comment and Share: You’re Not Addicted to Your Smartphone — You Just Really Like People


A new study flips the conversation of smartphone addiction on its head. 
Why You Should Care: Americans spend an average of five hours a day on their phones.

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#7: Flashback: The Day Herbie Hancock Met the Electric Piano


When Miles Davis gave his sideman a new kind of keyboard, he changed the history of jazz.
Why You Should Care: Because it’s always important to try new things. 

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#8: Meet: This Conservative Convert Dishes Out ‘Red Pills’ Online


Candace Owens is appealing to Trump Republicans via YouTube — and could be the next Tomi Lahren.
Why You Should Care: Because she’s reaching an emerging generation. 

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#9: Know this: Why Aren’t More Japanese Sluggers Hitting the Big Time?


Japan is a baseball-crazed nation. So why don’t more hitters find success in Major League Baseball?
Why You Should Care: Because the language of baseball gets lost in translation. 

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#10: Around the world: Belarusians Step Out From Under Russia’s Shadow


To avoid falling prey to Russian manipulation, this authoritarian government is starting to promote expressions of national identity.
Why You Should Care: Because this authoritarian government has long frowned upon expressions of national identity — until now.

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