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Because Christmas comes but once a year, and that means one thing… Santa Con!

By Eugene S. Robinson

Drunken Santas, everywhere? Sure! It’s also hot toddys, holiday cheer and grownups dressed as elves, reindeer, Christmas trees and gingerbread houses. Just like Comic-Con has become far more than just a comic book convention, Santa Con is having a cultural moment.

Inspired by pub crawls everywhere, Santa Con is loosely connected to a 1974 Danish agitprop action by the Solvognen theater group, where they went en masse into department stores and gave away goods and products while dressed as Santas. It reappeared in San Francisco in 1994, celebrating all things Santa as long as it involved a cocktail. Now it’s in hundreds of cities around the world – either healthily or unhealthily, depending on your point of view.

Santa Con goers convene flashmob style, over text, tweets or just by following the jolly flow of redshirted and suited Santas.

Santa Con goers convene flashmob style, over text, tweets or just by following the jolly flow of redshirted and suited Santas and Santa corollaries. This can either mean great times, or streets filled with bodily fluids and great times.

But we’re fans of the hardfast rules set out by the New York Santa Contingent – Don’t F*ck with Kids, Don’t F*ck with Cops, Don’t F*ck with Bar Staff, and Don’t F*ck with NYC. And so it seems any reasonably intelligent, sensitive gathering of costumed folks should be able to comfortably drink copious amounts of alcohol while running around major urban centers and have it all work out perfectly well.

Don’t you think? 

Check out the New York Santa Con photos below and raise one to the joy of mass gatherings!

Group of santas standing outdoors hanging out, laughing, smiling.

A union committed to good cheer. And lots of it.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Couple dressed up in holiday costume posing for camera on a snowy day

Quiet contemplation before the fun starts.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Man in santa hat making snow angel

Snow angel or signaling for help?

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

2 people wearing Elf shoes on snow covered ground

Boots are so yesteryear.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

4 people dressed as gingerbread house costumes outdoors in the snow

Really: WTH?

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Person in Santa costume speaking to 3 NYPD officers on the sidewalk on a snowy day

…It’s like this occifer…

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Dancing santas and elves in the middle of the street

We’ll double the wager if they pull this off in June.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Woman dressed as christmas tree outdoors on a snowy day

Ageless and evergreen.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Group of santas posing for photo outdoors on a snowy day

If one is not enough, then 1,000 is not too many.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Woman on train wearing red wig during santa con

With her rod and her staff? Three Christmas-y wishes.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

People in the subway wearing santa costumes

A’caroling we’re going to go

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Headshot of face painted like skeleton with santa costume on

Fear of being locked in an elevator with this guy now has a name.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

2 people dressed as Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer and a snow monster dancing together on a snowy day

All fun and games until they turn on the RUN-DMC Xmas song.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

Group of santas posing for a picture in front of graffiti'd wall

Fighting for their right to party.

Source Mark Peterson/Redux

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