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Winner of the Week: Romain Gavras

Winner of the Week: Romain Gavras

By Breed

SourceGrant Delin


Romain Gavras brings story, energy, and yes, edge to everything he films.

By Breed

Greek-French director Romain Gavras, son of the badass director Costa-Gavras (he did the great film Z and about a dozen others), has scripted and framed some of the most exciting video this side of cinéma vérité/documentary-style film clips. The awards are nice measures – and there are a bunch of those – but what’s more significant is that the who’s who keeps luring him to do their next project. Even more significant: what he does with those projects.

So from most recently directing Twilight star Robert Pattinson in the huge Dior Homme cologne ad that’s so edgy it comes in a censored and an uncensored version, to videos for Jay-Z and the now-being-sued-by-the-NFL M.I.A., Gavras is less on a roll and much more on a tear.

Which is precisely why OZY goes deep into Gavras’ magical world of sight and seeing, starting with the French-language short film Our Day Will Come


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