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What's Black and Loud and Sexy All Over?

What's Black and Loud and Sexy All Over?

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because some “shows” are better than most “tells.”

By Eugene S. Robinson

For months you’ve been reading it. When no one else is around. Not sharing it, not clicking “Like,” not Tweeting it. Not because you don’t like it but the exact opposite: because you’re totally not interested in people knowing how much you like it.

It, here, being Sex With Eugene. Not the deed itself, but the OZY original column where readers, seekers, tweakers and all manner of assorted obsessives write, read, email, tweet or text questions and queries about their various and sundry sex and relationship concerns. And you all, if our stats are to be believed, eat/lick/suck it up.

Because: sexy schadenfreude.

So it is with great glee and joy that what’s been a one-man band of a guy in his underwear answering your entreaties the only way he knows how — with the kind of blinding truth that makes you want to wear a welder’s mask — has now moved into the realm of up close and personal. Which brings us to An Extended Extravaganza of Greatness in Getting Less Lousy in Bed + Other Places Where Your Privates Might Come Into Play, an evening of intelligent and wildly inappropriate conversation with OZY’s Editor-at-Large Eugene S. Robinson.

Part variety show, part paneled talk show, part Q&A, this Trojan-sponsored (natch) live event will get to the heart of your sex struggles and your sexy struggles just in time for Valentine’s Day. It kicks off Friday, February 10, at 7:00 pm and runs until 10, at (no place more fitting) The Chapel in San Francisco on 777 Valencia Street. 

And because that much time alone with Eugene would sorely try most men’s souls, and women’s too, for that matter, guests both deep and wide are sharing the stage, credit and blame. With gender-bender-y Fauxnique, fighter-domme and performance artist extraordinaire Jennifer Locke, sex worker extraordinaire Andre Shakti, and Allan MacDonell, whose weird and woolly tales of life in the belly of the beast at Hustler (and involvement taking on Republican congressmen during a Larry Flynt–funded filth-finding mission), Sex With Eugene Live will be a wild and bumpy ride.

Contributed to in no small part by its musical master of ceremonies, Bruce Lamont — he of the great sax metal band, Yakuza, his side project, Brain Tentacles, and his cash cow, Led Zeppelin 2. “You called me and asked for me to be your Paul Shaffer, and while I have no idea who Paul Shaffer is,” says Lamont from his Chicago redoubt, “I always do what you tell me. So: Bandleader I am.”

So drinks, eats, treats and one blowhard of a man for all seasons sexing it up for the amusement of a global listening audience?

Um, sure. Get your tickets here. See you there.

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