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What do Caped Avengers Eat? Chocolate Spaghetti and Soylent

What do Caped Avengers Eat? Chocolate Spaghetti and Soylent

By daisy Carrington


What do heroes eat anyway? Now you have an answer.

By daisy Carrington

The Tick landed (with a bang) on Amazon Prime on August 25. The big blue eccentric hero (of the super variety) is joined by his reluctant partner in thwarting evil, Arthur. Before the pair come crashing through your ISP, they’ve stopped by OZY to curate our Good Sh*t section and share with us some of their favorite things.

The Tick

Hello, chums, it’s me — The Tick! An avenger of evil, serving up hot potatoes of justice 24 hours a day. No waiting! But a hero of the super variety like myself needs supernourishment to battle villains. And this molecular gastronomy kit delivers! 

So this food kit is all thorough and complicated and stuff. And best of all, it is fun with a capital “FUH.” Because, friends, you get to play with your food! It was invented by two wrinkly-brained smart guys, Jonathan Coutu and Jerome de Champlain. These chums were fed up with not being able to find the sodium alginate in the supermarket or something. (Too … much … science. Interest … waning.) So they made this kit for both heroes and mortals to create superfancy food! You can cook mint caviar beads or chocolate spaghetti or lemon foam or tzatziki spheres! Like a culinary hero serving haute multi-course menus of truth and goodness! And tiny, tasty balls of justice — or Greek dip — that pop in the mouth!

This combination of food and fun really gets me a-tingling. And you don’t even need extra brain wrinkles to get all up in the puppet of kitchen alchemy — it’s just as good for beginners! Hang on, it’s starting to smell a little like danger in here. Or maybe that’s the lemon foam burning. Until next time, chums! Destiny has sent me a small kitchen situation to untangle!


I’m a rational man. I rarely have thoughts, and I’m definitely not obsessive. But, you know, life can be busy — I do a lot of reading and, um, I pin a lot of stuff to my corkboard. I don’t really have time for cooking. So, for me, Soylent is the perfect remedy — a simple meal-replacement fix I can chug while gathering evidence to prove The Terror lives … I mean, uh, while I’m surfing the net and, uh, printing stuff off.

Soylent is marketed as a “ready-to-drink meal” and “a balanced meal of engineered nutrition.” It’s made from soy protein, sunflower oil and sugars synthesized from beets. According to the Soylent team, each bottle contains a “complete meal” that provides 20 percent of your daily nutritional needs, offering protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals, but with “limited contributions from less desirable components such as sugars, saturated fats or cholesterol.”

I have been described as having “tiny proportions,” so I thank Soylent for helping me stick to a balanced diet. The drinks come in cacao, nectar and the slightly sweet “original” flavor, and there’s even a caffeinated range, perfect for when I need to pull an all-nighter at the docks. Because, you know, I go bird-watching at night. *Cough*

Look, The Tick has tried to sell me on the inside of bread, but I’m not going to get inside a bread with him. And I’m definitely not eating his burnt lemon foam. I don’t need anything fancy. I’m going to stick with my Soylent — Soylent helps me keep it real.

The Tick starts streaming August 25 exclusively with Prime on Amazon.

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