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By OZY Editors

There’s a big mural on the south wall of our headquarters. Actually, it’s more like a mosaic, built of a dozen photographs blown up till they’re larger than life. All the images come from stories we’ve published over our first year and a half: Ted Cruz in a scrum, his face illuminated by a camera’s flash; a Hindu sadhu, legs folded in what we suppose is meditation; and, next to him, improbably, a woman taking a bite out of a juicy hamburger. Our favorite — and not just because it’s closest to our desk or in a calming shade of blue — is an underwater shot of a surfer whose body and face tilts up at about 30 degrees. She’s looking ahead with her eyes wide open, anticipating the next wave. 

That’s what we’re striving for at OZY — to bring you the next wave of ideas, trends and people. To do it, we look ahead, like that surfer. We look deep and we look around the world. Join us. 

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