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This Weekend: Your New Favorite Scottish Post-Punk Band

This Weekend: Your New Favorite Scottish Post-Punk Band

By OZY Editors

The Twilight Sad
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The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors


Won’t You Be My Neighbor? — Your Best Expectations Confirmed. We’re so conditioned to twist endings that you might expect a documentary about the famously kind TV host Fred Rogers to show you some darker side of him. Nope! He was the sweetest man of all time, loved children and ran Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for 33 years as the creator, producer, writer and star — as well as being a pioneer in child psychology. If you missed it in cinemas, it’s definitely worth getting to watch at home. It’s one of the most tender, nostalgic documentaries you’ll ever see! (Recommended by Molly Fosco, Former Child)

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Portrait of American educator and television personality Fred Rogers

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Ozark — Backwoods Breaking Bad. This Netflix show is a dark — like seriously dark  — dramatic series about a family that launders money for a Mexican cartel. And if you can’t imagine that being dark enough, in Season Two they get caught between the cartel, a heroin operation, and the FBI… so lots of people die. But the writing is smart and if you like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, you’ll love seeing Jason Bateman play against type (Laura Linney is captivating too) in this thriller. (Recommended by Alex Lau, Camera Man)

The Night Eats the World — A Very French Apocalypse. There are three types of zombie movies: The ones that make it seem like being eaten is the worst possible fate, the ones that make it seem like becoming a zombie yourself is worse than being eaten … and The Night Eats the World, which makes it clear that the worst thing is being the last human alive. This is the Frenchest zombie movie of all time, quiet and beautiful, about a man who wakes up to the end of the world but is able to survive, housebound in a massive Parisian apartment building, to deal with the crushing loneliness of it all. The movie’s melancholy, but it’s also funny (and occasionally skin-crawlingly scary). (Recommended by Fiona Zublin, Parisian Transplant) 


The Twilight Sad — Lovely Scottish Boys. After a four year silence during which this Scottish post-punk band lost one of its three members, The Twilight Sad is releasing new music again. In January, they drop their new album — titled It Won’t Be Like This All the Time — but for now, you can jam to their new single, “’I/M NOT HERE [Missing Face]” or check out their current North American and European tour. The band has been covered (and effusively praised) by The Cure’s Robert Smith, and their new work is the same guitar-driven, synth-heavy stuff fans already love. Bonus: The guys in the band come off incredibly sweet and self-effacing in interviews, not what you might expect from Glaswegian rockers. (Recommended by Barb Fletcher, Queen of Bops)

Chelsea Wolfe — Gothic Queen. Goth isn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s hard to deny that Chelsea Wolfe is a major musical talent. She’s run the gamut from dark folk music to dramatic noise, and her latest album — last year’s Hiss Spun — glorifies weird sounds like coyote howls without forgetting that it’s Wolfe who really has the goods. Her music, which has been featured on Game of Thrones and other TV shows, has a dark, dank atmosphere that makes it a perfect soundtrack to your October. It can make absolutely anything feel dramatic and meaningful, even if you’re just listening to it on the subway. (Recommended by Eugene, Quite Hardcore)


Maison 10 — Ethical Buying. The only thing we like better than responsible consumerism is responsible consumerism with a weirdly symmetrical concept. OK, some days we prefer the idea of living in the woods in harmony with the bears over ever buying anything again, but if you MUST buy things (face it, you probably must) and you must buy them in New York (because everyone has to be in New York sometimes), you might think about buying them at Maison 10. It’s a tiny store in New York City (also available online) that offers 100 products (10 across 10 categories), with 10 percent of each purchase going to one of 10 charities. Not only that, the whole product selection switches out every 10 weeks.

The curation is excellent, the concept is groovy, and it’s not just a flash in the pan: It’s been going strong for over two years. The 10 categories stay static (bags, art, fragrances) except for one that shifts every 10 weeks. That special category is currently “Magic,” so you can buy a smudge stick, a cat-shaped lamp with glowing eyes, or the ever-useful modern witch’s primer Basic Witches. Or you can stick to art and bags like somebody who truly does not get the point of October, which is being super witchy all the time. (Recommended by Constance C.R. White, Who Knows How to Slay) 

And whatever you do, don’t do this…

Call the police about some whales. This past weekend, a family on Puget Sound experienced something truly magical: Three humpback whales swimming around and under their boat. While the family’s father urged his kids to appreciate the majesty and once-in-a-lifetime nature of the experience, they eventually got scared and called the police, who … didn’t arrest the whales. (MyNorthwest)


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