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This Weekend: Your Future Work ... in a Podcast

This Weekend: Your Future Work ... in a Podcast

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


The Future of X — Futurism at Its Best. OZY’s hit podcast delves into what’s new and what’s next in a specific industry each season, and for season two it’s taking you to the future of the workplace. Tour futuristic office scenarios, like how the next privacy battle will be over your personal productivity score and why video gamers are set to become prized employees. You can come back from the holiday weekend with lots of facts to impress your co-workers. (Recommended by Fay Schlesinger, The Host With the Most)

ResidenteThe Science of Bops. This Puerto Rican rapper, one of the founders of iconic alt-rap collective Calle 13, isn’t afraid to get weird. Case in point: For his upcoming sophomore album, he’s been working with scientists to take EEG readings of various animals (including himself) and match them to sound waves. For a taste, listen to his release from earlier this year, “Bellacoso.” (Recommended by Alex Furuya, Still Jammin’)

Matthew Perryman Jones — Intellectual Folk. If someone in a flannel shirt sang a Matthew Perryman Jones song to you at a party, you’d fall in love with them. Poetic and beautiful, his lyrics are filled with longing and humanity … even when they’re drawing on distinctly highbrow themes, like “O Theo,” which is based on Vincent Van Gogh’s correspondence with his brother. (Recommended by Maroosha Muzaffar, Folk Maven)


Dark Matter — The Road Not Taken. Author Blake Crouch had a hit with his Wayward Pines trilogy, which became a TV series. But this weird and wonderful novel about quantum physics is worth revisiting even if it hasn’t been given a film version (yet). This is a joyful, fascinating read about an atomic physicist, Jason Dessen, who accidentally stumbles into a parallel universe … and must scramble to get back to real life. (Recommended by Daniel Malloy, Knows His Road)

Inspector Shan Series — Your Best Tibet. This thrilling, long-running series, by international lawyer and award-winning novelist Eliot Pattinson, has all the usual adventure and murder solving you hope for from fast-paced mysteries. But what sets it apart is its fascinating sense of place — the story will have you researching the history of Tibetan monks and China’s political climate, even as you try to figure out who done it. (Recommended by Keita Davis, OZY Fan) 


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Ireland’s Surfing Beaches — Winter Wonderland. Before we go any further: Yes, you will need a wetsuit to enjoy Ireland’s cold-water surfing hot spot. Prime wave season begins in September, but the real big ones are in the dead of winter (which is why you’ll see surfing legends there to try their luck). Lahinch, in County Clare, is a great place to get a taste of the Irish surfing scene, with surf schools aplenty and long sandy beaches famous for providing a learning ground for beginners. But whether you’re chasing the world’s biggest waves or just starting out, Ireland’s cold, wild surf offers an experience totally different from that of riding waves in the tropics. (Recommended by Anna Davies, Surf Queen)


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Underestimate grandma. When an intruder surprised 82-year-old Willie Murphy by breaking into her house, the elderly bodybuilder wasn’t afraid. Instead, she hit him with a table and poured shampoo in his eye, subduing him until police could get there and take him to a hospital. Murphy, who can deadlift 225 pounds, told reporters, “He picked the wrong house to break into.” (AP)


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