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This Weekend: Your Burger, Never Touched by Human Hands

Burgers are topped with condiments while moving through the machine at the Creator storefront in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Monday, June 18, 2018. On June 27, the world's first robot-crafted burger will roll off a conveyor belt in San Francisco and into the hands of the public. The product, from Bay Area-based Creator, a culinary robotics company, is assembled and cooked in a machine that contains 20 computers, 350 sensors, and 50 actuator mechanisms. Photographer: Cayce Clifford/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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This Weekend: Your Burger, Never Touched by Human Hands

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


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Brent Faiyaz — Short But … Sweet? This hip-hop prodigy released his sophomore album, Fuck the World, earlier this month, and it’s amazing. In just 10 tracks, he takes you on a tour of unapologetic heartbreak, coining amazing one-liners about the end of love without ever losing his sultry, soulful vibe. (Recommended by Josh Eferighe, Love Doctor) 

Old Sea Brigade — Southern Gothic. This indie folk solo project from Georgia native Ben Cramer breaks out of the singer-songwriter mold with heartfelt, memorable hooks. Check out last year’s album, Ode to a Friend. (Recommended by Maroosha Muzaffar, Sea Going)

Denzel Curry — We Bought a Zuu. The rapper’s fourth album, Zuu, has been widely acclaimed as his best yet, taking him back to his South Florida upbringing in what turns out to be both a tribute and a critique. Listening won’t just give you a sense of Curry’s genius, but where it came from. (Recommended by Sean Culligan, Rap Genius)


Magic (1)

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The Rules of Magic — Witch Ever. Author Alice Hoffman’s prequel to the acclaimed Practical Magic (yes, like the movie) delves into the spellbinding backstory of witch sisters Gillian and Sally Owens. This one follows their great aunts on a romp through 1950s New York City. (Recommended by Tracy Moran, Spelling It Out)

The Last Ballad — Workers of the World, Unite. In 1929, Ella May Wiggins was shot dead while trying to lead a union meeting at the North Carolina mill where she worked. Since then, her story has largely fallen into obscurity — but it also inspired this novel by Wylie Cash, which aims to illuminate Ella’s life and her era in tandem. (Recommended by Lucy Penegar, OZY Fan)


Creator — The Robots Are Here. This San Francisco burger joint will lovingly prepare your lunch without the aid of any human hand. That’s right, your burger is made by a crazy burger robot. To soften the blow that automation will come for your job next — you try writing jokes about Pete Buttigieg, robots! — the burger is also only $6-7 and tastes flippin’ fantastic. Maybe you can donate the savings to your local charity helping out-of-work restaurant jockeys. (Recommended Alex Lau, Food Revolutionary)


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Give up on the lizard. An Australian man made headlines this week when he spotted a gecko in his mug of beer, fished it out, then gave the tiny animal CPR. After some chest compressions and blowing into its mouth, the animal — which may have just been playing dead — revived and crawled up his rescuer’s arm. (UPI)


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