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This Weekend: Welcome to the World of Lullaby Rap

This Weekend: Welcome to the World of Lullaby Rap

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


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Tracyanne & Danny

Source Tracyanne & Danny

Tracyanne & Danny — Indie Pop, With Blue Notes. The gorgeous voice of Tracyanne Campbell made her former band, Camera Obscura, famous. But since the death of her former bandmate, Carey Lander, she’s moved on to collaborate with Danny Coughlan of Crybaby fame. Listen to “Alabama,” which combines road trip vibes with an anthem of love and grief. (Recommended by Wade Best, In His Feelings)

Tierra Whack — Surreal, Original Rap. Each song on Whack World, this Philly rapper’s debut visual album, is only a minute long, but you will definitely be immersed for the full 15 minutes. Combining humor, rap and spoken word, the experience is strange, gritty, colorful, funny and above all, beautiful. She’s performing at Coachella this year, so become a fan before the whole world does. (Recommended by Alex Furuya, Early Adopter)

Noname — Let It Wash Over You. Listening to Room 25, Noname’s new album of what she calls “lullaby” rap, is somehow the musical equivalent of the chilled-out relaxation of listening to a really great audiobook on a long, late-night drive. Introspective and poetic, this Chicago musician has only one album to her name so far, but it’s one of the best albums of the last year. (Recommended by Ned Colin, Music Genius) 




They Shall Not Grow Old

Source BBC/Wingnut Films/IWM

They Shall Not Grow Old — War Stories. This World War I documentary is unlike any you’ve ever seen: No historians, no voiceover, no lessons on the Western Front or the causes of the conflict or the military leaders behind the battle tactics. Instead, Peter Jackson’s film introduces you individually to frontline soldiers — their loves, laughs and annoyances — as narrated by the men themselves. The jumpy, imperfect, 100-year-old black and white footage you usually see has somehow been restored to the vivid detail of modern film, and the faces on screen come alive. A century is a long time in film, but thanks to the magic of Peter Jackson’s technical team, you realize that it’s not that long in human history. (Recommended by James Watkins, History Buff)

Berlin Station — German Intrigue. This thriller never got as much press as other spy shows like The Americans, but the cast is absolutely extraordinary, with Richard Armitage and Richard Jenkins both turning in incredible performances. A show like this needs perfect pacing and great scenery, and Berlin Station has both, with a surfeit of moody European building shots and an edge-of-your-seat story. It also captures the pulse of modern headlines, with recent plots about Russian cyberwar really hitting home for anyone who’s lived through the last few years on Earth. (Recommended by Michelle Seulki Lee, OZY Fan) 


Mobile Passport — Speed Through Security. Sure, you can get Global Entry, the U.S. customs process allowing you to expedite airport security — if you have months to spare and live conveniently near one of their interview centers. If not, it’s a huge hassle, and you might be better off just downloading Mobile Passport, an app that allows U.S. and Canadian citizens to speed through the customs step at 25 airports and three sea ports. It’s free, and there’s no approval process. When you land in the U.S., you take a selfie and submit some responses through the app, then use the app-generated receipt to go through the border. If you travel internationally a lot, it can really speed up the process. (Recommended by Theresa Sun, Jet Setter)

And whatever you do, don’t do this …

Forget to pay for basic services. John Kirk, the sheriff of Martin County, Kentucky, posted on Facebook last week about the dire financial straits his department is in and announced that poor money management from higher-ups means the county can no longer offer basic law enforcement services. “FOLKS, LOCK YOUR DOORS, LOAD YOUR GUNS AND GET YOU A BARKING, BITING DOG,” he advised in all-caps. (Newsweek)


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