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This Weekend: Two Comedians Take You Back to Seventh Grade

This Weekend: Two Comedians Take You Back to Seventh Grade

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors


The Writer’s Map — Finding Your Way Through Literature. In an age when paper maps feel obsolete (thanks, smartphones!), this book by Huw Lewis-Jones is a journey through imaginary worlds. It features reminiscences from authors like Philip Pullman about their experiences with maps, and yes, there are plenty of maps to enjoy. (Recommended by Patrick Rojas, OZY Fan)

Dreamers — A New Indian Generation. To research this book about India’s youth, author Snigdha Poonam took a trip through the country’s small towns, interviewing and observing the young and the restless. She also lays out the conflicts young Indians are facing: Values passed down by traditionalists are butting up against life goals increasingly dictated by American culture and social media. (Recommended by Maroosha Muzaffar, Youth Vote)

The Little Viet Kitchen — What the Pho? Thuy Diem Pham’s food empire has grown from elaborate home meals and a food blog to her London restaurant and this cookbook (for those of us not in London). Pham’s cooking is renowned in the British capital, and her book shows why — try the pork ribs and chicken wings marinated in lemongrass and dressed with pineapple fish sauce.  (Recommended by Diana Clephane, Supertaster)


PEN15 — Back to Middle School. This Hulu comedy’s premise is simple but brilliant: Have two full-grown comedians dress up and relive their seventh-grade life while surrounded by a cast of young teens. Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine are uncanny in their ability to recreate the cringiest moments of middle school, still playing with dolls but also reveling in the drama of first love. Oh, and it’s set in the year 2000, so there are references to AOL, the Spice Girls and Ace Ventura amid the pure love that is tween friendship. (Recommended by Alex Furuya, 13 Going on … )

Line of Duty — Get on the Bandwagon. The fifth season of this British cop drama has just wrapped, and a sixth season has been announced, meaning it’s probably time to get caught up on one of the U.K.’s most popular series. This gripping, twist-filled thrill ride has been compared to other action phenomena like 24, but it’s mellowed a bit in this latest season … meaning it still has more shocks and action sequences than almost any show currently airing. (Recommended by Barb Fletcher, Loves a Twist Ending)


Professor Layton and the Curious Village — Puzzles and Charm. Professor Layton is a classic game … does 2007 count as a classic? Let’s say yes. But it’s only recently become available on mobile, which is obviously a game changer. If you’ve never played: This is a puzzle game about the aforementioned professor and his sidekick, illustrated in an art style that’s clearly reminiscent of Studio Ghibli.

You’ll be given a quest, but the mysteries of the game go far deeper, meaning it’s a joy to solve the puzzles and to uncover the twists. It doesn’t hurt that the characters are endlessly charming (even the sidekick and his not-very-good British accent). (Recommended by Ned Colin, Loves a Puzzle)


Forget your brake. A fan of German Chancellor Angela Merkel dented the politician’s plane this week. The airport employee, who hasn’t been identified, reportedly jumped out of her van to take a photo of Merkel’s plane, but she didn’t set her brake and watched as the vehicle rolled into the aircraft at low speed, denting its nose. (AP)


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