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This Weekend: Try Your Ice Cream Hot

This Weekend: Try Your Ice Cream Hot

By Joshua Eferighe


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time, as we grapple with turbulent times in America.

By Joshua Eferighe

Hot Ice Cream

  1. Churro Fried Ice Cream. Fried ice cream always seems like an impossible fantasy even when you’re eating it, but you can make it at home if you leave yourself enough time. The ice cream balls in this churro-ice cream mashup go through four separate freezing cycles as you layer on the coatings, but the actual frying only takes a few seconds and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just make sure to serve immediately after they’re fried (maybe even in a root beer float). 
  2. Wasabi Ice Cream. OK, yes, this is weird. But it’s also perfect, especially when melded with the flavors of coconut, cucumber and lime as in this pleasingly bright-green vegan concoction. You can use an ice cream maker for this — or if you don’t have one, just stick it in the freezer and whisk it every hour or so to keep it light.
  3. Red Hot Ice Cream: Just when you think you’ve seen it all, an ice cream recipe made with cinnamon red candy comes along. Basically, you dissolve a cup of Red Hots into a standard ice cream base, then throw it all in an ice cream maker and in a few hours you’ll have the weird dessert combo you didn’t know you needed until 30 seconds ago.

Podcasts to Learn From 

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  1. See, the Thing Is. We should all be listening up to Black women, so why not start here? Singer Bridget Kelly, Instagram star Mandii B and hip-hop DJ Olivia Dope have teamed up for this new podcast dissecting news and pop culture through the lens of race and gender. 
  2. The Strange and Unusual Podcast. This perfectly seasonal podcast — not that you can’t be into the supernatural and spooky outside of October! — takes a historian’s look at folklore, superstition and creepy legends. Get ready to dive into our collective subconscious and get some answers about what actually happened.  
  3. The Partially Examined Life. This collaboration of four guys who love talking philosophy is actually ancient by podcast standards, with episodes that date all the way back to 2009. But their schtick — take a philosophical text and break it down in an entertaining and above all understandable way — is still gold.    
  4. The Carlos Watson Show Podcast. From Caitlyn Jenner to Lenny Kravitz to Susan Rice, the guests on The Carlos Watson Show offer the most diverse and enriching conversation on YouTube. If you’ve already binged every episode, though, you can get more of each interview from the podcast version.   
  5. Stuff You Should Know. If you were ever curious about wetlands or sneezing, porcupines or why carrots are good for your eyes, the Stuff You Should Know podcast is a must-listen. It’s kind of like that Discovery show How It’s Made, but now you can put it in your ears on the go. Because each episode tackles a new subject, there’s no catching up or feeling left out. Just pick a topic and indulge.

Harvest Fun

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  1. Laternenfest. This German holiday, which technically won’t hit until mid-November, is sort of like an autumn version of caroling, where kids run around with decorative lanterns and sing in the streets . It’s dedicated to St. Martin — by all accounts a nice dude who shared his cloak with a beggar during a winter storm — but even without the religious aspect, you can help your kids make lanterns and wander around singing (from a medically safe distance). 
  2. Conkers. Horse chestnut trees aren’t as ubiquitous in the U.S. as they are in Britain and Ireland, where kids go crazy for this game, but you can still find the hard nuts on the ground in autumn. To play conkers, you and a friend each thread a string through the nut, then one player slings one against his opponent’s, which hangs stationary. You take turns striking, and win if you break the other nut. The harder your chestnut, the better it’ll do in the game, so some cheaters resort to soaking the nuts in vinegar, baking them or using old, dried-out nuts.  

Shows to Binge Watch (2)
  1. Blood and Water. This teen mystery drama — also Netflix’s second African original series — manages to be both gripping and light, with its tale of a Capetown private school girl on the hunt for her missing sister. Clocking in at six episodes, it’s also one of those shows you’ll start on a whim on a Tuesday night and stay up all night to finish without even realizing you’ve blown your sleep schedule. Oh, and it’s already been renewed for another season.   
  2. The Icy Life. Rapper Saweetie went platinum with her single “Icy Girl” in 2018, but her YouTube reality show, The Icy Life, smacks of those quick-hit MTV reality shows you watched for hours in the mid-2000s while procrastinating … well, who remembers? Saweetie has a lot of famous connections — she’s Gabrielle Union’s cousin — and her life is dramatic enough to spread over at least two seasons of admittedly short episodes … so far.
  3. Stranded. Yes. Snapchat still exists, and yes, you can watch TV on it! Our favorite for October is this paranormal docuseries following popular spooky YouTubers Sam Golbach and Colby Brock. Warning: It will either make you really want to rewatch The Blair Witch Project or give you horrible flashbacks to that time you threw up on your date while watching The Blair Witch Project.  
  4. The Comey Rule. Based on former FBI director James Comey’s bestselling book A Higher Loyalty, this two-part Showtime series stars Jeff Daniels as Comey and Brendan Gleeson doing an extraordinary job hiding his Irish accent to play President Donald Trump. 

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