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This Weekend: Theatre Finds Humor in the Tragedy of Alzheimer's

This Weekend: Theatre Finds Humor in the Tragedy of Alzheimer's

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors


Bodyguard — Torn between duty and belief. Marital strife, a love interest and an assassination against a backdrop of terrorism — what’s not to love? What happens when a hero war veteran (Richard Madden, Game of Thrones) with post-traumatic stress disorder is assigned to protect a high-ranking politician whose platform he despises? Plenty bad. This addictively bingeable six-part thriller will keep you wondering just exactly how it’ll all end.(Recommended by Tracy Moran, Drama Queen) 

The Waverly Gallery — Humor in tragedy. Some might think there’s nothing funny about Alzheimer’s, but this play begs to differ. Elaine May, in her first Broadway appearance in more than 50 years, plays the feisty, vibrant and vital matriarch of a family who is trying to come to grips with the final stages of her memory loss. Exquisitely acted, this one has all the feels: It’s hilarious and tragic, beautiful and heartbreaking. And memorable. The Waverly Gallery is at the John Golden Theatre until Nov. 25. (Recommended by Wade Best, Stage Master)

Locked Up — A Great Escape. Listen up, Prison Break fans: There’s another thrilling, character-driven and delightfully violent prison show on the block. And it’s not for the squeamish. This Spanish women’s prison survival drama (Vis a Vis in Spain) is about a naive woman who broke the law for love and now finds herself locked up with some seriously badass criminals. But there are funny bits too. No, really. With two seasons to binge on, you’ll soon be a pro at reading subtitles. (Recommended by Sophia Akram, Escape Artist)



Slow Shutter Cam — Playing the long game. Ever wish you could take better iPhone photos at night or snap fluid movements, like the gorgeous light trails of a passing car? With three different caption modes, Slow Shutter Cam gives your phone the gift of long exposure — not previously available on smartphones. Whether you’re a pro who’s needed this feature forever, or you just want to shoot photos to glam up your Instagram feed, you’re so welcome. (Recommended by Leslie dela Vega, Shooting Star)

Baby Connect — Milestone tracker. Try remembering these details the morning after you got up at 3 am to respond to the cries: How much milk did she drink and was her diaper dirty or just wet? With Baby Connect, you can input everything from feeds to moods to weights in a template that’s simple for sleep-deprived parents to use — and then share all the info with partners and caregivers. Graphical reports and trending charts? It’s got the stats geek in you covered. (Recommended by Daniel Malloy, Dynamic Daddy)


Lost City of the Monkey God — Douglas Preston. A legend and a curse, deadly animals and a flesh-eating disease: These are only some of the hair-raising elements of this true story about the discovery of a long-lost Honduran civilization. But this isn’t just your regular tale about a man who goes into the jungle to find something lost. In this dramatic narrative, the jungle fights back.

Best-selling author Douglas Preston used advanced, classified mapping technology to locate the White City (or the Lost City of the Monkey God). And you join the adventure with him, experiencing his depthless passion to find the legendary location, trekking through the dense rainforest in all of its steamy, treacherous, exquisitely beautiful glory. Did we mention the lethal snakes and killer insects, the torrential rain and something called “quickmud”? There’s always something waiting to thrill or chill in this dramatic eyewitness account of an incredible discovery and tainted legacy. (Recommended by Gwen Cameron, Reader) 

And whatever you do, don’t do this … 

Let your child be attacked by soup. Those instant soup containers are more nefarious than you might think. Nearly 10,000 U.S. kids a year end up at emergency rooms with burns from hot liquids, according to a recent report. The container is often to blame, but you can never be too careful about those alphabets. Be soup-safe, my friends. (Gizmodo


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