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This Weekend: The Most Literary Cocktails in New York

This Weekend: The Most Literary Cocktails in New York

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


Chernobyl — The Truth Is Out There. This five-part miniseries garnered six Emmy nominations for its depiction of the famous nuclear disaster. More than that, it might just make everyone worry about nukes again. Jared Harris and Emily Watson give incredible performances in a piece that’s not just about the disaster, but also about how governments deal with the fallout. (Recommended by Alex Lau, No Nukes)

She’s Gotta Have It — Spike Lee, Redux. This two-season series developed by Spike Lee is based on his 1986 film of the same name. The premise is the same too: It follows the life of polyamorous Nola Darling, now played by DeWanda Wise … and now scripted by a team of female writers along with Lee. The series was just canceled, so watch it and then write Netflix some angry letters. (Recommended by Demetra Jones, Gotta Have It)

Rosehaven — A Slower Pace. This Australian gem, now in its third season, is the story of two friends who move from the Aussie mainland to a tiny Tasmanian town filled with oddballs. It’s gentle and weird, and watching it is a kind of escapism from the endless grind of news and heat waves. If you can’t deal with being outside right now, Rosehaven could be the perfect thing. (Recommended by Karen Kunz, OZY Fan)


Khong Ten — Vietnam Meets California. The name of this Los Angeles restaurant translates to “no name,” but it’s the food that’s truly memorable. The vibe is not one of fusion but of modern Vietnamese food made with California ingredients, an ideological project that aims to stay true to its location without sacrificing Vietnamese flavors. The toothpick beef appetizer is so good you’ll be daydreaming about moving in next door. (Recommended by Diana Clephane, Home Cook) 

Bedford and Co. — Write Drunk, Edit Sober. Writers (or aspiring writers) will love the cocktail menu at this spot in New York City’s East 40s. The inventive drinks, like the Zelda or Jack Rabbit, are all themed around famous literary figures from John Steinbeck to Ernest Hemingway and Zelda Fitzgerald — many of whom once lived at the adjacent Renwick Hotel. (Recommended by Tracy Moran, Literary Figure) 


Miracle Creek — More Than a Courtroom Drama. Angie Kim’s debut novel takes a standard genre, the courtroom showdown, and turns it into something deeper, stranger and more beautiful. It’s a thriller about an experimental medical and treatment facility that goes up in flames, killing two patients, and the dramatic murder trial that follows. But it’s also about immigrant life in a small U.S. town, the experiences of single moms and the American obsession with medical miracles. 

While the story is fiction, it draws on Kim’s own experiences as an immigrant, lawyer and single mother. Kim’s children have had medical issues, and it shows in her sensitive, well-thought-out portrayal of how far families will go to protect each other. (Recommended by Nicole Locantore, Voracious Reader)  


Refuse to hear “no.” A 65-year-old Serbian man has admitted he made a fake bomb threat last week in an attempt to ground a Belgrade-to-Frankfurt Lufthansa flight. He had reportedly met two of the flight attendants before the incident and asked them on a date. When they refused, he tried to track one of the women down at her hotel and eventually called in the threat to the airport in an attempt to keep her in town longer … just in case she changed her mind. (Sky)


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