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This Weekend: The Chocolatiest Popsicles You’ve Ever Tasted

This Weekend: The Chocolatiest Popsicles You’ve Ever Tasted

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


Vegan Mac and Cheese — Dairy-Free Can Be Delish. Cheese is right there in the name, but it turns out this staple comfort food can still be yummy without the main ingredient. Nuts provide the creamy base to this simple sauce, which is colored and flavored with carrot — and a hint of nutmeg. Serve it over the pasta of your choice and don’t tell your dinner guests it’s made with plants until they’re having seconds. (Recommended by Barb Fletcher, Vegan Extraordinaire)

The Food Lab Cookbook — Snacks for Scientists. This is a gigantic tome, even by cookbook standards, running more than 900 pages. But it’s worth it for a certain kind of mind: Author J. Kenji López-Alt isn’t satisfied with old family recipes and received wisdom, choosing instead to delve into the science behind virtually every recipe and taking the reader through the arduous testing process to make, for example, the perfect chip. (Recommended by Diana Clephane, In It for the Long Haul)

Nutella Popsicles — For When It’s Too Hot. It’s August and you can’t even muster the energy to chop a salad, much less cook. But these two-ingredient popsicles are doable even during a heatwave. Mix one part Nutella to two parts chocolate milk with a spoon (or in a blender if you have one), pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Then eat them all. (Recommended by Fiona Zublin, Chocoholic)


Los Espookys — Horror Nerds Unite. In a truly weird but wonderful permutation of the let’s-put-on-a-show genre, this comedy follows a troupe of horror movie enthusiasts who stage supernatural events for clients — like a priest who wants to prove his powers to another priest by way of an exorcism. Co-written by Portlandia’s Fred Armisen, the show captures a similar offbeat energy with an eerie twist.(Recommended by Alex Furuya, Loves to Be Scared)

Breakthrough — The Power of Hope. Chrissy Metz, one of the stars of This Is Us, is the linchpin of this film, which is based on a real-life 2015 incident in which a teenage boy was pulled from an icy lake after being submerged for 15 minutes and made a miraculous recovery. It’s an open story about faith that closely follows the book written by the actual teen’s mom, who believes God healed her son.(Recommended by Bishop Walton, OZY Fan)


The Jump With Shirley Manson — Behind the Music. Manson became a legend as the frontwoman of ʼ90s alt-rock band Garbage. In recent years she’s shifted to acting and charity work, and now she’s a podcaster … and turns out she’s great at it.

Manson’s podcast format is simple: Interview other musicians about specific times in their careers when they decided to take a leap into the unknown (thus the title). It’s a compelling idea, and Manson is just the woman to pull it off: She’s warm, funny and a great interviewer — plus she has access to the most badass musicians on earth.(Recommended by Wade Best, Manson Fan)


Expect an ice cap to hide your secret military base. Climate change will find you out. During the Cold War, the U.S. built a research station in Greenland … that was also intended to house nuclear missiles. When engineering issues closed down Camp Century in 1966, it was assumed that the ice cap would eventually bury it, along with all of its pollutants (e.g., radioactive residue). But with recent record ice melts, the base is actually now drifting toward the cap’s edge. There’s no imminent danger as it has 60 miles to go, but a key question: Who’s going to clean it up before it gets there? (BBC)


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