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This Weekend: The Cat Documentary of Your Dreams


This Weekend: The Cat Documentary of Your Dreams

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


Eze, France — The Riviera’s Riviera. This ancient village, a winding half-hour drive from Nice, offers mountaintop air and extraordinary views of the rest of the south of France. Once there, explore the medieval town and botanical gardens — or just continue gaping at the views. (Recommended by Alex Lau, French at Heart)

Bermuda — Summer Cliche? Never. Bermuda really got a bad rap for being associated with the paranormal hotspot the Bermuda Triangle, but recent years have seen a boom in tourism, so maybe the scare is wearing off. Expect the usual beach perfection: sun, sand, snacks. Speaking of snacks, get the takeout fish sandwich at Art Mel’s, but be warned that a single sandwich can feed two hungry people by itself. (Recommended by Priscilla Visintine, OZY Fan)

Shoreditch — London Calling. A haven of vintage shops, street art and the famous beigels of Brick Lane, it’s nearly impossible not to be a monstrous hipster while in this East London neighborhood. But you’ll be so well-dressed and well-fed we guarantee you are not gonna care. (Recommended by Mark Wright, World Traveler) 


Kedi — Cats for Days. This documentary, a surprise hit on the festival circuit, used special filming rigs to follow stray cats around the streets of Istanbul. Eventually, it chose to focus on seven furry critters, living in all sorts of settings and having all sorts of adventures. Warning: Watching this will make you want to adopt every cat you see, so make sure to stock up on kibble in preparation for your new life as a cat person. (Recommended by Fay Schlesinger, Obsessed With Cats) 

When They See Us — History Must Be Faced. Ava DuVernay’s Netflix miniseries is a wrenching, four-episode rundown of the Central Park Five, a group of African-American teenage boys who were convicted without evidence of a 1989 rape. The five were exonerated in 2002 after another man confessed, but DuVernay skillfully explores what the intervening years in prison were like for these innocents. (Recommended by Demetra Jones, History Buff) 


Attaboy — Underground Glamour. We get it, you’re too cool for speakeasies. What’s the point now that alcohol is legal, right? Well, at Attaboy, the point is that these are the best cocktails you’ll probably ever taste. The New York City hangout has only been around for six years but its bartenders previously made a name for themselves at cocktail culture-legend Milk and Honey — whose Lower East Side space Attaboy took over when it opened in 2013. 

If you can’t make it to NYC, the bar — which has been on the prestigious 50 Best Bars list every single year since it opened — now has a Nashville location as well. Just go in and tell them what you want (menus are for squares) and they’ll make you something dreamy. (Recommended by Viviane Feldman, Bar Fly) 


Forget that knitters rock. Finland, famous for its offbeat sports, has another one. Last week, it hosted the first Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships, where competitors from all over the world knitted while headbanging in time to a backup band. The winner was Japan’s Giga Body Metal, who knitted alongside two sumo wrestlers. (UPI)


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