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This Weekend: The Best TV Show You’ve Totally Ignored

This Weekend: The Best TV Show You’ve Totally Ignored

By OZY Editors



The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


The Tattooist of Auschwitz — Have a Little Hope. It’s tough to be optimistic this week, between devastating fires and the threat of war. We’re putting it in perspective with this lightly fictionalized tale of love and hope, based on the true story of Slovakian Jew Lali Sokolov, who was forced to tattoo other inmates at Auschwitz … including his future wife, Gita Furman. (Recommended by Charu Sudan Kasturi, Getting Perspective)

There There — Indigenous Stories. Tommy Orange’s novel about a group of young Native Americans navigating their ethnic identities is taut and fearless, educating and fascinating the reader in equal measure. (Recommended by Chancy Lewis, OZY Fan)

Normal People — Love Is Exhausting. This Irish college romance, set in smoky, cool Dublin, will make you both yearn for the young love the protagonists feel … and pity them. Author Sally Rooney is, as always, a force to be reckoned with. (Recommended by Pallabi Munsi, Loves Love Stories) 


Better Things — Better Than Ever. This show about a single mom and working actress, co-created by star Pamela Adlon and comedian Louis C.K., looked at one point as if it might become a casualty of the sexual assault allegations against the latter. But no: Adlon rethought, rewrote and came back to run the third season alone, and it’s honestly better than ever. Binge, binge, binge. (Recommended by Shaan Merchant, Always Improving)

New Mom, Who Dis? — Having It All? This Facebook Watch show from comedian Jessi Cruickshank is basically a comedy talk show about balancing parenthood and the rest of your life. It’s fertile ground for comedy, and big guns are taking notice — like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who came on the season 2 premiere for an interview. (Recommended by Matt Zander, Not a New Mom)


Gwent — A Witchy Game. You may already be watching The Witcher on Netflix because of Henry Cavill, and also Henry Cavill’s frankly improbable muscles. And when we say “Have you played the Witcher game?” you probably think of the wildly successful video game based on the same books, which preceded the TV series by about a decade. But in fact we mean Gwent, a virtual card game from 2018 that’s set in the same universe but can easily be played on mobile during your commute. You can play with random strangers or challenge specific people if you’re holding some serious grudges or something. We don’t judge. (Recommended by Ned Colin, Not a Witch)


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Make your own luck. Authorities in Mississippi arrested two men this week who they say tried to submit a lottery ticket with the winning numbers glued on. Had it been real, the ticket would have garnered them $100,000. Russell Sparks, 48, and Odis Latham, 47, now face charges of passing on counterfeit documents. (AP)


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