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This Weekend: Spies Go Wild in a Parallel Universe

This Weekend: Spies Go Wild in a Parallel Universe

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


Quicksand — School Nightmare. The first Swedish-language Netflix series is a six-episode crime drama (surprise!) focusing on a high school girl and a mysterious shooting. It’s an interesting take on teen gun violence — divorced from the usual American policy talk, since it’s set in Sweden — that also touches on income inequality and immigration. (Recommended by Charu Sudan Kasturi, Getting the Popcorn) 

Counterpart — Another Universe. This delightfully weird thriller ended this year after its second season, but it was criminally underappreciated. It has everything: Parallel universes, body snatching spies and an absolutely tremendous J.K. Simmons finally getting the lead role he deserves. (Recommended by Michael Hewins, OZY Fan)

Easy — Love Stories. This Chicago-set series is kind of like reading a bunch of Modern Love columns, but everyone’s stories in those columns are secretly connected, and they’re not obnoxious. It’s a complex web of people in different kinds of relationships trying to navigate the world — oh, and the soundtrack is great. (Recommended by Maroosha Muzaffar, Hopeless Romantic) 


Summer Salad — Simple as Can Be. It’s July, it’s hot, we get it. You won’t be turning on the oven for the next two months, meaning it’s … salad time? You can get fancy if you like — and we can help you with that. But if you don’t feel like it, due to the aforementioned temperature and attendant torpor, make this one. It’s the easiest salad in the world. Ready? Chop a garlic clove and mix it with a few glugs of olive oil and the juice from a fresh lemon. Tip it over some fresh arugula and shave parmesan over the top. It’s peppery and delicious, with essentially zero effort, which is exactly what you need right now. (Recommended by Barb Fletcher, Just the Essentials)

Breakfast for One — Citrus Goodness. Do you sense a theme here? The above is your lunch, and this can be your breakfast. Dinner is all on you. Back to breakfast: Halve a grapefruit, cover the cut side with white sugar, and then brulee — either using a torch or just plop it face down in a pan for a few minutes over high heat. It’s refreshing, simple and easily shared, though you might find yourself preferring to have both halves to yourself. (Recommended by Alex Lau, Citrus Warrior)


Daisy Jones & The Six — Rock and Roll All Day. This book, which was picked up as a series by Amazon and is expected to begin filming this summer, is an instant classic — fun, weird, and will make you wish the fictional band were real so you could get their album on vinyl. It follows a 1970s rock band, Daisy Jones & The Six, through personal and musical triumphs and struggles. 

If you’re the kind of reader who devours musician profiles in Rolling Stone (or just watched Almost Famous a billion times), this is your perfect summer read. Make yourself a Spotify playlist of classic rock while you read it in a sunbeam eating cookies — though to be fair, that’s our recommendation for the best way to read absolutely any book. (Recommended by Nicole Locantore, Rock Band Diva)


Perform space tests on hamsters. Germany’s Marburg University has been ordered to stop a series of planned tests on dwarf hamsters due to concerns about animal welfare. The tests were aiming to learn more about the animals’ winter sleep mode, which allows them to ride out periods of cold and hunger, and perhaps apply the knowledge to human space travel. (BBC


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