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This Weekend: Spend Jeff Bezos' Money, Before He Loses Half of It

This Weekend: Spend Jeff Bezos' Money, Before He Loses Half of It

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors

What to Listen To

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The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr

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The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr — Truth Teller. Stand-up comic Burr is one commentator who stares right into the abyss and has the chops to tell you all about it. One of the most honest voices working in podcasting, he rambles on about his life and answers listener questions, and he’s engaging enough to sustain an hour-long show every week. (Recommended by Eugene Robinson, Longtime Listener) 

Masters of Scale — Who’s Who of Silicon Valley. It makes sense that the guy who co-founded LinkedIn would have a lot of connections. Reid Hoffman’s podcast about creating companies that take over the world is endlessly fascinating, mostly because he brings in the absolute cream of the tech crop: Howard Schultz, Arianna Huffington, and (of course) Mark Zuckerberg. (Recommended by Hsiao-Yun Chu, OZY Addict)

The Longform Podcast — The Opposite of the News Grind. These beautifully simple conversations with some of the best reporters and writers of our time, from Malcolm Gladwell to Rebecca Traister, are an antidote to the crushing endlessness of the news. These dives into writers’ psyches, exploring where they got their start, serve up an hour-long breather in which you can think about craft, inspiration and career instead of the headlines. (Recommended by Carly Stern, Tortured Artist)

What to Play

You Are Jeff Bezos — Billionaire Bingo. Even if he loses half his money in his just-announced divorce, the Amazon founder will still be the world’s richest man, so rich that “normal” people genuinely cannot conceive of how much money he has. This game will fix that. The premise is that you wake up, Kafka-style, in Jeff Bezos’ body. To get back to your own existence, you have to spend Bezos’ money — all of it. Repair Puerto Rico? End homelessness? Fund artists? Give your workers a raise? Pay your own taxes? All are possibilities in this simulator, which also tells an exciting adventure story involving heroic baristas! (Recommended by Alex Lau, Man of the People)

Detention — Historical Horror. Playing Detention isn’t exactly pleasant, in the same way watching a really good horror movie isn’t always fun. But it is immensely satisfying: Set in a seemingly abandoned school in 1960s Taiwan during the White Terror when the country was ruled by martial law, this puzzle game gets every note right. The creepy score is especially well done as you solve grim puzzles and have to hide from —  rather than fight — ghost monsters to make it through without dying. (Recommended by Ned Colin, Game Master)

What to Watch


Droppin’ Cash

Source Complex

Droppin’ Cash — Those Who Can’t, Watch. Even those of us who don’t make resolutions because we’re already perfect are watching ourselves in January. It’s a time to stay in, conserve money and binge something you don’t have to admit to anyone. May we suggest a show about other people spending absolutely obscene amounts of money? Meet Complex’s show Droppin’ Cash, available on Netflix and Google Play, a reality show with a simple premise: The sort-of famous (think Lonzo Ball) spend a ton of money on stuff!

OK, maybe you’re not convinced. But it’s addictive and totally nonjudgmental. Unlike some reality shows — pause here for a long, pointed stare at Marie Kondo — it won’t make you feel bad about your untidy house or life. At least you’re not buying an enormous portrait of yourself. Although you shouldn’t be ashamed to do that, to be honest. Because you’re perfect just the way you are. (Recommended by Eva Rodriguez, Picture Perfect)

And whatever you do, don’t …

Give up on your ambitions. Two boys are suing the Minnesota State High School League over their exclusion from a school dance team that only admits girls. A federal judge has rejected the suit, but the boys hope Title IX and the 14th Amendment will protect them on appeal. A positive ruling would mean they could audition for the squad next year. (Washington Post)


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