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This Weekend: We've Got 'Reset America' Swag


This Weekend: We've Got 'Reset America' Swag

By OZY Editors


Because you can wear your heart on your sleeve.

By OZY Editors

The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time, as we grapple with turbulent times in America.

What To Listen To

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The Brilliant Idiots. The oxymoronic title of this podcast, which brings together The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God and stand-up comedian Andrew Shultz, still manages to encapsulate its funny, irreverent vibe of a couple of guys talking about the daily issues … and acknowledging just how much they don’t know. 

Oh, Hello: the P’dcast. Comedy dream team John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, in character as amateur podcasters Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, are the brains behind this send-up of true crime investigations focused on the death of Princess Diana.

You Must Remember This. Critic and film historian Karina Longworth (who, fun fact, is married to Knives Out director Rian Johnson) is the soothing voice behind this series of examinations of old Hollywood, which you’ll just have to binge on the weekends if COVID-19 has done away with your commute. 

What to Wear

Reset America Swag. You asked for it, you got it. We’ve launched our Reset America section in the OZY Store, with 100 percent of profits being donated to your choice of racial justice organizations. Grab a Reset America t-shirt, backpack and more to look good while doing good. And be sure to post your pics on social using #ResetAmerica and #OZYmerch!

Where to Donate

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Source Reclaim the Block

Reclaim the Block. This Minneapolis organization advocates for police funds to be moved to other parts of the budget in order to better serve communities. Given the city’s plan to dismantle the police force, they’ll likely soon be pretty busy. 

Ida B. Wells Society. Wells, a pioneer in investigative journalism and the civil rights movement, died in 1931. But she’s not forgotten: She got a special citation from the Pulitzer committee this year, and the organization that bears her name educates and agitates for diversity in investigative journalism.  

Movimiento Cosecha. There’s still a pandemic on, remember? And undocumented families face particular challenges now, without relief funds and often denied benefits like health care. Support them yourself with a donation to this national network

What to Drink

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Blood & Sand. Inspired by the 1922 film, this scotch-based cocktail comes with cherry brandy (the blood), sweet vermouth and orange juice (the sand?). The sweetness makes it a bourbon cocktail that’s not too smoky-back-room. 

Indlovu Gin. Hear us out on this one: It’s sustainable, at least. This innovation from a South African company is gin distilled from, um, foraged elephant poop. But the taste is mellow and gorgeous, almost whiskey-esque. And some of the profits go to support elephant conservation.

German Coffee. The Irish aren’t the only ones putting booze in their cups of joe. Experiment with multiple variations if you like (yes, we are just encouraging you to spike your coffee here), but the classic is coffee, whipped cream and Kirsch, Germany’s iconic sour-cherry liqueur. 

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