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This Weekend: Learn the Shape of the Sky at the Moment You Were Born

This Weekend: Learn the Shape of the Sky at the Moment You Were Born

By OZY Editors

Tash Sultana
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The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors


Blood Orange — Cosmic Alt Hip-hop. Dev Hynes has been in the music industry for more than a decade, releasing two albums under the pseudonym Lightspeed Champion before he started going by Blood Orange. But Negro Swan, the fourth Blood Orange album, is a great way to start: It sounds like a future life-form came across the recordings of Frank Ocean, Elliott Smith and Carl Sagan and decided to splice them all up using only an ’80s boombox. Cue up “Saint,” a song that somehow works whether you’re on a long commute home, washing the dishes or having a late-night talk about the cosmos. (Recommended by Rob Culos, Audio Scientist)

Tash Sultana — A Band Unto Herself. Still in her early 20s, this Australian singer-songwriter recorded an original track, “Jungle,” in her bedroom in 2016 and put it on YouTube. Within five days she had more than 1 million views (now 23 million and counting), and her musical career Down Under had been launched. Her sound melds folk, reggae and an extraordinary voice, which on ballads seems to flow over you like liquid. If that sounds weird, listen to “Harvest Love” and you’ll completely get it. Or just buy her new album, Flow State, which comes out this week. (Recommended by Elle Choi, Queen of the Office)

Daughters — Post-Punk You’ll Dance To. Noise aficionados will remember Daughters, a Providence-based group that’s been around since 2002 and broke up on the quiet around 2009. Since then, they’ve been slowly getting the band back together — a secret show here, a buzzy Facebook photo from a recording studio there. And now they’ve announced an actual new album, You Won’t Get What You Want, due in October. Their music is probably going to piss off post-punk traditionalists by being something you can dance to — that is, if you can snag tickets for their tour, which have already sold out for some dates. (Recommended by Eugene Robinson, Loose Cannon) 

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Co-Star — Really Detailed Horoscopes. Have you heard that astrology is cool again? And this app goes far beyond your astrological sign, accounting for the entire layout of the sky at the very moment you were born. So if you’re wondering why August sucks so much, it turns out Mercury was in retrograde, meaning it travels from east to west instead of west to east and — according to astrology anyway — that’s when everything goes haywire. Luckily we’re moving on from August, so everything will go back to normal in terms of global politics and climate change. Right? According to some psychologists, the trend toward embracing astrology and other forms of mysticism like tarot readings is a sign that millennials are stressed and searching for answers. No doubt, but sometimes we just want to feel connected to whichever Brooklyn 99 character has our star sign. Warning: Astrology is still not real. (Recommended by Viviane Feldman, Video Star)

Hopper — Cheap Window Seats. Hopper, available on iOs and Android, tells you when a particular flight route will be cheapest and notifies you when the price drops for flights you’ve flagged. The app encourages customers to be patient and wait for just the right conditions before buying, with forecasts that predict whether flight prices on a particular route will rise or fall. It’s one of a number of apps that uses artificial intelligence to drive sales, particularly when it comes to convincing users to consider different dates or destinations, so hold on to your convictions and your determination to see Venice. (Ha, joke, don’t fly to Venice; within 10 minutes you will get completely lost.) With 30 million users, the app — a Canadian import — has the clout to offer “secret fares” in partnership with airlines, which contravenes its good-things-come-to-those-who-wait-and-wait-and-wait vibe but, hey, cheap flights! (Recommended by Anne Muscarella, Professional Long Weekender)


Olive Oil Zucchini Cake — A Dinner Party Trick. With the end of summer comes the end of peak zucchini season, which, let’s be honest, is a relief. No more mountains of just-picked zucchini taunting you because you never figured out what to make with them! Or you could just … make something with them. This recipe is originally from Renee Erikson’s A Boat, a Whale and a Walrus cookbook, but you can also find it here.

Cakes that use olive oil instead of butter are always less fiddly, mostly because you don’t need an electric mixer to get the right consistency, and the result is an insanely moist cake that’s sweet but not too sweet. And don’t worry, it’s not like there’s NO butter — it makes an appearance at the end, along with the crème fraîche.  crème fraîche, you ask? Yes, the final serving suggestion is what puts this recipe in next-level land: Cut the baked bread into slices, toast them in a buttered skillet, and serve with a little crème fraîche and sea salt. It’s more work than just plopping the loaf on the table, but for a party of people you’re hoping to impress, it’s the perfect bit of culinary wizardry.

In the veg-as-dessert space, it’s high time the mighty carrot meets its match. And besides, unless everyone pitches in and eats some summer squash, the zucchini might take over the world. Do it for the human race. (Recommended by Molly Fosco, Tech Investigator)


Steal 800 pounds of lemons. Authorities in Riverside County, California, arrested a senior citizen on Friday after they found about 800 pounds of fresh lemons in his car. They suspect Dionicio Fierros, 69, stole the lemons from a nearby farm. It is not clear whether he planned to make lemonade. (NY Post)


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