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This Weekend: Go Deep on Deutsche Bank’s Delinquency

This Weekend: Go Deep on Deutsche Bank’s Delinquency

By OZY Editors

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The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your weekend spent inside.

By OZY Editors


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Such a Fun Age — The Haves and Have Nots. This fun, easy novel about a 20-something babysitter and her well-meaning employers dives into class, race and privilege, walking a knife edge between breezy and heavy that’s perfect for our overly heavy moment.  

On the Horizon — The World at War. This book of poems, aimed at children, could be a solid intro to talking to kids about living through a particularly difficult period in history. Author Lois Lowry (who wrote The Giver) draws on her own childhood in Hawaii to discuss Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima. 

Dark Towers — Banking on Disaster. With the country in financial crisis, now’s the perfect time to sink into this exposé on Deutsche Bank. It’s a century-plus saga that includes Nazis and market manipulation. 


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Feel Good — A Short Drink of Water. This six-episode delight of a TV show follows comedian Mae Martin playing a thinly fictionalized version of herself as she struggles with relationship issues and drug use. And it’s funny! Plus, comedy goddess Lisa Kudrow has a fantastic cameo as Mae’s mom. 

Hunters — Get Those Nazis. If you find yourself calmed by fantasy revenge stories, this grindhouse-style series, set in the 1970s, may be just what you need. In it, Al Pacino plays a Holocaust survivor who assembles a ragtag dream team to hunt down Nazis in hiding. It’s at times surreal and has been dinged for historical inaccuracy, so be prepared to Wikipedia some things. 


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Happyalone — Out of the World. This Irish band claims to be from the Andromeda Galaxy, and given their sound … sure. These viral sensations create spooky, drum-free soundscapes that will put you in a workday trance. Start with “Colours” to see if they’re for you — and for a rundown of other great Irish bands, check out OZY’s recommendations here


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Piss off the goats. A herd of 122 goats have been running wild in the Welsh town of Llandudno since the coronavirus lockdown drove human residents inside. The goats have been munching on gardens and hedgerows for days. But police say not to call the authorities unless it’s truly an emergency — they won’t come for run-of-the-mill goat shenanigans. (UPI)


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