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This Weekend: Downward Dog in Your Den

This Weekend: Downward Dog in Your Den

By OZY Editors



The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your weekend spent inside.

By OZY Editors


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Defining Moments — Inner Strength. This OZY series on Hulu goes deep with trans performer Dominique Jackson, exploring the lowest moments in her life … and how she rose above them to become a superstar.

Restaurants on the Edge — Maybe Too Real. This eminently binge-worthy reality series about rehabbing exotic-locale restaurants on the brink of going out of business takes on a slightly different tone in a world where many restaurants actually might go out of business. But it’s worth watching for the gorgeous scenery alone.

Over the Garden Wall — Spooky and Fun. This cult classic Cartoon Network series about two boys trick-or-treating through a fairy-tale landscape consists of 10 episodes, about 10 minutes each, meaning you can mainline it in less time than it takes to watch your average movie. 


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Source Houseparty

Houseparty — Hang With Friends, Apart. While Google Hangouts and Zoom are fine for business meetings, this app from the company behind Fortnite is gaining steam with teens (and anyone wanting to be casual like teens). Houseparty lets you see when friends are online, invite them to virtual hangouts and play in-app games together.

Down DogSolo Exercise. YouTube yoga videos can only take you so far, because the videos never vary once recorded. Down Dog’s appeal is that it seamlessly remixes yoga poses into a pretty flawless recreation of an actual yoga class, but done in your living room. The same company also makes apps to train you in barre and HIIT, if that’s more your speed.



The Metropolitan Opera

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Metropolitan Opera’s Wagner Week — Teutonic Treat. The Metropolitan Opera is streaming different performances for free every night until it can re-open, and this week has been Wagner Week. Spend all your free time listening to German opera after German opera … or, if you need a break, check out some of the more mainstream music being streamed for free from around the world as artists try to take everyone’s mind off the pandemic.


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Leave the filters on. A priest in Italy went viral this week when he attempted to stream Mass via Facebook to reach his homebound parishioners. Unfortunately, Paolo Longo left the AR filters turned on, so viewers got to watch him virtually don a space helmet, porkpie hat and other disguises during the solemn religious rite. Amen! (UPI)


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