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This Weekend: Britain’s Fast-Paced Answer to 'The Americans'

This Weekend: Britain’s Fast-Paced Answer to 'The Americans'

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors


Prateek Kuhad — India’s Answer to Cigarettes After Sex. Kuhad’s ambient pop is the kind of music that instantly turns your day into a deeply romantic montage from an indie film. You’re riding a motorcycle in slow motion, you’re meeting someone’s eyes on the escalator, you’re … crying for no reason? Once you start his latest album, cold/mess, you won’t be able to stop. (Recommended by Maroosha Muzaffar, Ballad Queen)

Esther Phillips — Soul Sister. She died at the age of just 48, which may be why Phillips has remained relatively obscure among soul artists, but her 1972 album From a Whisper to a Scream is astonishing and well worth your time. Pay special attention to the heart-wrenching That’s All Right With Me, which has been sampled by J. Cole, Mobb Deep, Logic and LL Cool J. (Recommended by Viviane Feldman, Back Cataloger)

In Love With a Ghost — French Quirk. This super-obscure Gallic composer combines acoustic instruments with lo-fi beats, creating a sound that is nostalgic, colorful and magical. Listening to songs like I Was Feeling Down, Then I Found a Nice Witch and Now We’re Best Friends or Feeling Empty Because There’s No More Spaghetti, you can’t help but feel like you’ve been plopped into a retro video game, about to embark on a fantastical journey. (Recommended Alex Furuya, On a Quest)


Being Serena — Breaking Big. Becoming a mom is never easy, but for professional athletes, it can be especially tough: The same bodies that took them to the top of their game have changed, refusing to do what they once did, and they’re faced with the reality that the rigorous schedule required to get back on top may not be viable for parents. This HBO documentary about Serena Williams — arguably the greatest tennis player of all time — captures this struggle, and how hard it is, with grace and without melodrama. (Recommended by Nancy Briscoe, OZY Addict)

Informer — Spies in London. Fans of Bodyguard and The Americans who are looking for another fix can rejoice: This six-part BBC show has a similar vibe. It’s complex, fast-paced and sometimes confusing as it delves into the world of police informants and counterterrorism in modern-day Britain — and stars complete TV newbie Nabhaan Rizwan in a command performance as protagonist Raza. (Recommended by Sophia Akram, Expert Londoner) 


Rothy’s Flats — Shoes You Can Reuse. Given that ballet flats tend to fall apart whether they cost $20 or $200, you might have scrolled past these $125 fabric shoes when they inevitably came up on your Insta feed. But it turns out there are other value-adds that shoes can have, and they’re probably not the ones you were expecting. Rothy’s flats — a favorite of Duchess Meghan of Sussex, in case that floats your boat — are made from recycled materials like plastic water bottles.

Maybe you wear non-slip-on shoes every time you go outside. Or maybe you don’t, and you inevitably step in a puddle or get splashed with mud and ruin your shoes. With these flats, you can simply toss them directly into the washing machine. (Recommended by Michelle Bruton, Shoe Expert) 


Reel in the first thing you see. A fisherman in the Florida Keys accidentally brought up about 60 pounds of cocaine, police say. He rescued the mysterious package after seeing it under a dock, then opened it to discover white powder, which he turned over to authorities. (UPI)


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