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This Weekend: A WWII Caper That’s 100% True

This Weekend: A WWII Caper That’s 100% True

By OZY Editors

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The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


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Ifrane, Morocco — A Little Taste of Europe in Africa. Ifrane was built in the 1930s by the French, in what was reportedly a bid to recreate the feel of Switzerland … but further south. That includes Switzerland’s favorite pastime: skiing. Ifrane is one of Africa’s few ski resort hubs, and it’s great. (Recommended by Viviane Feldman, Snow Bunny)

Spiti Valley — Winter Wonderland. Let’s be honest, you should probably visit this Himachal Pradesh hidden gem once the snow thaws, but the valley, on the border of India and Tibet, is beautiful in winter too. Its peaks and monasteries are just slightly more accessible when not blanketed by pristine snow. (Recommended by Maroosha Muzaffar, Mountain Nerd) 

New Orleans — Go Beyond the Greatest Hits. The city has its must-sees, but to really get a feel for the Big Easy you should delve into little-known sites. Pick up an OffBeat Magazine during your visit to discover soon-to-be music legends playing all around the city, and try visiting on a non-Mardi Gras holiday like Halloween or Saint Patrick’s Day for a more off-piste experience. (Recommended by Alex Lau, Practically a Local)


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Parekh & Singh — Dream Pop. This duo has avoided many of the stereotypes that still persist in Indian music. They’ve ditched sitars for neo-psychedelic sounds (OK, yes, sitars can be pretty psychedelic too) and release music videos that have a distinct Wes Anderson vibe. Check out love song “Hello” from their most recent album. (Recommended by Pallabi Munsi, Only Dreamin’)

Christmas Tree Farm — Holiday Spirit. This year Taylor Swift put out her best album ever (yes, Lover is better than 1989, want to fight?), and she included a delightful little coda on 2019 with this eminently karaoke-friendly Christmas song. Bonus: The music video features home footage of baby Taylor in a ton of extremely enviable kid fashion. (Recommended by Fiona Zublin, Swiftie)


The Catcher Was a Spy — War Hero. This film tells the little-known story of Morris “Moe” Berg, a Major League Baseball catcher who went to Europe during World War II to help thwart the Nazi nuclear weapons program. After the war, he continued to moonlight for the CIA. Ageless hunk Paul Rudd is perfect as the deeply weird Berg, playing a character who’d seem unbelievable if he weren’t, you know, real. If you can’t get enough of Berg’s story, check out The Bastard Brigade, a recent book delving into all the details of the spying Berg and others did on the Nazi nuclear efforts. (Recommended by Glenn Steckler, OZY Fan)


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Accidentally sell drug paraphernalia. Walmart has apologized for selling a Christmas sweater with an illegal drug-friendly message on its Canadian website. It showed a picture of a gleeful Santa-like figure with white lines laid out in front of him, described in the copy as “quality, grade A, Colombian snow.” Walmart expressed regret for “unintended offense” caused by what many observers interpreted as a reference to cocaine. (UPI)


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