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This Weekend: A Wisconsin Road House Turned New York Nightspot

This Weekend: A Wisconsin Road House Turned New York Nightspot

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


This Is How It Always Is — A Mother’s Story. Though Laurie Frankel’s novel about a large family in which a child comes out as transgender is fiction, it’s inspired by her own life. Frankel’s young daughter, who she’s said loves this book, is transgender herself. (Recommended by Maroosha Muzaffar, World Traveler)

All the Light We Cannot See — Culture Clash in a War Zone. This Pulitzer Prize-winner is a knockout story about a German boy and French girl whose lives intersect during WWII. Anthony Doerr’s entrancing prose is the real draw here. (Recommended by Joe Burgan, OZY Fan)

American Carnage — An Expert View. This nonfiction tome by Politico journalist Tim Alberta is a look at the modern evolution of the Republican Party, and how recent years have seen Reagan-era ideas replaced by those of Donald Trump and his followers (just as Reagan’s own principles replaced the so-called Rockefeller Republicans). (Recommended by Daniel Malloy, Political Junkie)


Fried Chicken at Dooky Chase — A NOLA Tradition. The founder of Dooky Chase, Leah Chase, died earlier this summer at the age of 96, having established herself as a food industry legend. So go honor her memory by chowing down on fried chicken and other soul food at her New Orleans iconic restaurant, now run by her grandson. Fun fact: Chase was the inspiration for hardworking protagonist Tatiana in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. (Recommended by Alex Lau, Snacks Connoisseur)

Turk’s Inn — Resurrected From the Ashes. The Turk’s Inn began its life in Wisconsin in 1934, where it ran for eight decades as a beloved, kitschy supper club. When it closed, the new owners bought its sign, bar and decor at auction, and this summer reopened it as a restaurant and music venue in Brooklyn. The decor is straight out of a Wes Anderson movie — and did we mention you can eat kebabs on the roof? (Recommended by Viv Feldman, Kitsch Queen) 


Gettyimages 1164798567 copy (1) (1)

Skipper (R), a male breeding King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus), and his male partner Ping are pictured taking care of an egg of another couple, given to them by zoo keepers to hatch in their enclosure at Berlin Zoo

Source Getty Images

Uranium Heart — Scandinavian Yearning. Norwegian duo Highasakite, composed of vocalist Ingrid Havik and drummer Trond Bersu, added members on their road to the top, packing on multiple other musicians for their 2016 album. But this year’s Uranium Heart is just the two OGs, and it’s extraordinary. 

Not that you shouldn’t go back and listen to their other stuff, but the genre-hopping of Uranium Heart is something to experience, with pop, rock, techno and folk intertwining and showing off the band’s impressive range. That makes it ideal to listen to when you’re having all sorts of complicated emotions — there’s a song for every one. (Recommended by Pallabi Munsi, In Her Feelings)


Stop expecting eggcellence. A gay penguin couple at the Berlin Zoo — known for adopting stones as eggs in their quest to have a chick of their own — have adopted an abandoned egg and are now caring for it. Though zookeepers say they’re not certain the egg was fertilized, if it does hatch in September it’ll be the zoo’s first chick since 2002. (BBC)


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